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      Video Emerges of Driscoll's Book "Confiscation" at Strange Fire Conference

      Tuesday, October 22, 2013

      I haven't really delved into this debacle much, but some interesting video has emerged showing Driscoll's books being "confiscated" last week at John MacArthur's Strange Fire Conference. For those who don't know the backstory, Driscoll was in town (40 miles away) in Long Beach doing his "Act Like a Man" Conference and decided to stop by. He later posted a picture saying that the staff at Strange Fire confiscated his books (with no indication that he might be joking). Then, an account by someone there disputed that account. Now, this video showing the exchange has emerged. I will just leave this here for you to decide what really happened. 

      (As an aside, the person who posted this video on Youtube wrote in the description: "The original video was removed, but the truth needs to get out.")

      UPDATE:  Several people have said they believe security did confiscate the books.  Why?  Because security says in the video they want to "give them back" to Driscoll.  Is there any merit to this? I don't believe so.  If you pay careful attention to the context the meaning of what security says becomes clear.  Security says, "You want us to take them out to the Mustang for you?"  Driscoll replies, "Why don't you guys just take them and do whatever you want with them?"  Security responds, "No.  We're going to put them in the Mustang.  We want to give them back to you."

      In other words, "No, we don't want to accept your gift, Mark.  We want you to take them with you."  Context is king.

      1 comment:

      Mrs. Webfoot said...

      Thank you for sharing this.

      Yes, context is king. I like the security guy.

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