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      Chris Broussard Does Apologetics on The Breakfast Club 105.1

      Friday, May 3, 2013

      Almost everyone knows by now about the Jason Collins situation. (For those who aren't familiar, he's the first openly gay player in a major professional sport. He announced his sexual preference last week.) Chris Broussard, a longtime NBA analyst, said how he believes homosexuality is sin (along with other sins like sex before marriage, etc). Christians rallied to his side because he had the courage to say these things on ESPN thus putting his job in jeopardy. ESPN is also part of one of the most politically correct TV organizations in history.

      Not surprising, a lot of people also took issue with his stance. Apparently, this includes the Breakfast Club crew at 105.1FM. They asked him on the show to talk about his beliefs, and the result... well... it's pretty amazing. Broussard goes on their show and gives a great apologetic for what he believes including Scripture and a discussion on the application of ceremonial laws. The crew, trying to trap him a few times, are left uncharacteristically speechless. That is... speechless until Broussard is off the phone. That's when "DJ Envy" decides it's safe for him to voice his opinion. A cowardly move, yes, but it's a typical response and familiar to anyone who has ever moderated comments for a Christian video on Youtube. The comment section of the video is interesting, too, though I wouldn't recommend reading it because some of it is pretty disgusting. The summary: There is very colorful language, but most of the people there are criticizing DJ Envy for taking a swipe at Broussard after the phone call ended and not dealing with what he said. We live in an amusing age. See below for the full interview.

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