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      Review of Shai Linne's "The Attributes of God" Album

      Wednesday, November 2, 2011

      Let me start by saying that Shai Linne is a worldling (and possibly a heretic) because he rhymes lyrics to beats.

      Next let me say that the ridiculous reasoning above is exactly why many are going to not give Shai Linne's latest album a second thought, and that is a shame.

      Every song on The Attributes of God is worship, and I don't use that term lightly.  The lyrics are constantly making me more appreciative for the God who made me, saved me, and is bringing me to glory. 

      Take a moment to read the titles to each of the songs:

      1. The Perfection of Beauty
      2. The Glory of God (Not to Us)
      3. Taste and See
      4. Our God Is In the Heavens
      5. The Holiness of God
      6. Mercy and Grace
      7. Lord of Patience
      8. All-Consuming Fire
      9. Perfect Love
      10. Faithful God
      11. Judge of All the Earth
      12. The Jealous One
      13. The Omnis
      14. Self-Sufficiency
      15. Triune Praise

      Just what the album title says:  "The Attributes of God."

      Maybe you disagree with the use of rap in glorifying Christ.  Maybe you disagree with some of the decisions Shai's made in recent years.  Even Shai and I disagree on some things, but that is natural. I don't know of anyone who I'm in agreement with on everything.  But I can honestly say he's one of the few people who I would not hesitate to have in my "Gospel foxhole" at anytime and in any place.  If you skip on this album because you don't agree with him on every decision he's made, you will surely be robbing yourself of the God glorifying experience this album shares with its audience.

      My demographic is primarily males ages 45-54 (Youtube says so).  This isn't exactly the demographic who is patiently awaiting their pre-order of a rap album, and I can understand that.  I would just encourage this demographic to not dismiss it just because it is a rap album. If you can't get over the fact that Shai rhymes to beats, just read the lyrics to this album and be introduced to one of the most God glorifying poets we have the blessing to have among us.  You will be edified, I promise.

      (Lyrics to the song "The Glory of God")

      The Attributes of God Album:  iTunes, Amazon


      On a related note, if you want more of an insight to the passion and love of the Lord this brother in Christ has, you can check out the Rightly Divided we did a few months ago.  The subject is Justification.


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