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      John MacArthur on Piper/Warren, Celebrity Pastors, and the Current Reformation of Reformed Theology (Video)

      Monday, August 29, 2011

      Here is commentary John MacArthur made recently with Christianity.com regarding the Piper/Warren situation, people who are Reformed in profession but Arminian everywhere else, celebrity pastors, and how he really does believe there is a current reformation of Reformed theology that he didn't see 25 years ago.


      Anonymous said...

      Thanks for posting these YouTube messages from John MacArthur. I see what he is talking about, here in my town in Helensburgh, Scotland where reformed minded folk are getting sucked up in the emergent stuff, where people have seen Piper with Warren and think its ok. We have over 10 churches in our town and not one follows what MacArthur describes as a true church and it will take a lot of hard work to get people out of them to start something proper because they have become to comfortable and egoistical.

      Charles Bowman said...

      Well Peter, your comment will not be the first concerning this issue occurring in England. Nobody knows about John MacArthur but if you sa "John piper" all evangelists seem to know him. Even unbelievers know him. I am definitely definitely convinced that there are satanic elements in the media and social network apparatus promoting this filth all over the uk. I am finally fed up because we're not getting any help from America to fight this war. So ive decided to get some friends together and see what happens. I have no qualifications other than all the sermons I've been listening to on the gty website. God, I wish we could get some help here. Somebody, help us!!!

      Charles Bowman said...

      I have been crying out to God to help us here in the uk. We are cut off from decent theology and John piper seems to be the reigning owner of the gospel here. We need help from America or at least they need to send a crack troop to train some willing saints in uk. I have decided to bring together some friends and see if we can mobilise around some MacArthur recordings. I know it's not good enough but the guys from grace church who then come back to England sound nothing like MacArthur at all. They are so intimidated by the spirit of the age that it's hard to get any real theology out of them. Somebody...heeeeeeeeelppppp!

      Jason said...

      This guy is so full of himself.

      Mrs. Webfoot said...

      I think he's right on. Soon these hip guys will look silly, a bit like the Rolling Stones do now. The culture will move on. What will they be preaching then?

      I have to admit that I enjoyed Driscoll's series on Ruth. However, compare his teaching to MacArthur or Sproul and it's pretty light.

      The Reformed Charismatics' unwillingness to present a united front against TBN and Benny Hinn is very telling, but I'm not sure of what. Not sure what's up with that. Driscoll is now buddies with T.D. Jakes. Jakes may now be Trinitarian, but he's still TBN all the way. Hinn is also Trinitarian.

      Are they slowly reducing themselves to the lowest common denominator?

      If anyone has the gift of discernment, it's MacArthur, yet they despise his gift. Go figure.

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