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      John MacArthur on Piper/Warren, Celebrity Pastors, and the Current Reformation of Reformed Theology (Video)

      Monday, August 29, 2011

      Here is commentary John MacArthur made recently with Christianity.com regarding the Piper/Warren situation, people who are Reformed in profession but Arminian everywhere else, celebrity pastors, and how he really does believe there is a current reformation of Reformed theology that he didn't see 25 years ago.


      Season Three of Westminster California's "Office Hours" Starting Soon

      Sunday, August 28, 2011

      Being a law student, I have to pick and choose which podcasts I listen to carefully. Over the last few years, Westminster Seminary of California's show, "Office Hours," has been one of those I pick. It's coming up on its third season September 7.  One of my favorite segments from the show is, "Ask the Profs."  They plan to kick of the season with this segment.  Below, you can read the full press release and see a schedule of who will be on the show when.

      re: Season Three of Office Hours, the official audio broadcast of Westminster Seminary California.

      In its first two seasons Office Hours has featured interviews with with WSC faculty members (including Mike Horton, Bob Godfrey, and Hywel Jones) as well as friends of the seminary such as Sinclair Ferguson, Terry Johnson, John Witte, David Hall, and visiting faculty such as Guy Waters and Darryl Hart. We've also introduced listeners to WSC alumni planting Reformed congregations in Turkey, Israel, and Southeast Asia.

      On September 7, we begin the third season of Office Hours and we're approaching 100,000 downloads. To celebrate we begin with another episode of "Ask the Profs" in which the faculty takes phone calls at 760-480-8477 and answers questions about Reformed piety, church planting, why it's important for ministers to learn the biblical languages, whether it's fair for God to expect sinners to keep the law, and the relationship between worship and the culture. In this episode we talk with Mike Horton, Bob Godfrey, Dennis Johnson, Bryan Estelle, and David VanDrunen.

      Over the summer, in preparation for season three, Office Hours sent each member of the faculty to a deserted island for a little R & R. Well, we did not actually send each member to an island but we did get everyone into the Office Hours studio and we did enjoy talking about the five books they would want on a desert island and why. Those episodes are being edited now and will be released throughout the season.

      This season Office Hours also talks with W. Robert Godfrey and David Hall about Reformed worship, with Mike Horton about his new book For Calvinism, and about why some Protestants are attracted to Eastern Orthodoxy, and with W. Robert Godfrey about why some Protestants are attracted to Roman Catholicism. We are scheduled to sit down this year with Carl Trueman, Kevin DeYoung, and Richard Muller as they visit the campus. The full schedule is below.

      Office Hours Season Three

      DATE             EPISODE              GUEST(S)

      9/7/2011 Ask the Profs Mike Horton, Bob Godfrey, David VanDrunen, Dennis Johnson, Bryan Estelle

      9/21/2011 Reformed Worship Bob Godfrey, David Hall

      10/5/2011 For Calvinism Mike Horton

      10/19/2011 Desert Island Books Steve Baugh

      11/2/2011 Desert Island Books David VanDrunen

      11/16/2011 Desert Island Books Joshua Van Ee

      11/30/2011 The Attraction of Rome Bob Godfrey

      12/14/2011 Desert Island Books Bryan Estelle

      12/28/2011 Desert Island Books Joel Kim

      1/11/2012 Desert Island Books Ryan Glomsrud

      1/25/2012 Desert Island Books Dennis Johnson

      2/8/2012 Desert Island Books Mike Horton

      2/22/2012 Desert Island Books John Fesko

      3/7/2012 Desert Island Books Julius Kim

      3/21/2012 Desert Island Books David VanDrunen

      4/4/2012 Desert Island Books Charles Telfer

      4/18/2012 Desert Island Books Bob Godfrey

      5/9/2012 Desert Island Books John Bales

      5/23/2012 Desert Island Books R. Scott Clark

      6/6/2012 De Young, Restless, and Reformed Kevin DeYoung

      6/20/2012 The Relevance of Reformed Orthodoxy Richard Muller

      7/4/2012 The Attraction of Eastern Orthodoxy Mike Horton

      8/8/2012 Student Life at WSC Graduating Students

      7/18/2012 Histories and Fallacies Carl Trueman


      Limited Atonement and Target

      Tuesday, August 16, 2011

      There's a billionaire who can buy every single item in Target. He decides to get some deodorant, cleaning supplies, and the new Cosmo. Did he purchase every item in the store? If the unlimited atonement advocate was consistent, he'd have to say yes. Since he has the funds available, he actually purchased everything, the logic would go. The limited atonement advocate, however, says this doesn't make sense. Does he own things he didn't pay for? Of course not. No doubt the limited atonement advocate would admit that the billionaire had sufficient funds available to purchase every item, but they would assert that doesn't mean he actually purchased anything other than the items he paid for.

      That's the crux of the issue when it comes to limited atonement. The limited atonement advocate believes that Christ's payment was sufficient for all, but it was not made for all. He only purchased those who have been Christians, who are currently Christians, and who will eventually be Christians in the future. If he purchased/paid for everyone, no one would be in hell.

      Here's a video from The Apologetics Group's DVD "Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism" (which is currently $5 at Monergism) that helps illustrate limited atonement further.


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