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This site was not developed with the intention of drawing a large number of visitors using trivial methods and shallowness. There is rejoicing among the angels when even one sinner repents and believes in Jesus Christ. (Luke 15:10) If, for as long as this site exists, just one sinner is led to repentance and belief in Christ with the aid of the material presented here, the purpose of this site has been served.


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      Mark Kielar's Testimony

      Saturday, October 16, 2010

      Many of you are familiar with Mark Kielar.  He is the president of Cross TV and hosts many of their shows.  Someone today asked me if I had ever heard his testimony because they wanted to hear it.  I had several years ago so I looked through my files and found it.  I hope you are edified and encouraged by Mark's testimony.  He is a wonderful brother in the Lord

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      Grumpa said...

      Is Mark still the pastor at First Boynton? The current website does not reflect that he is, if not what happened? Where is he now? I contacted First Boynton some time ago but received no reply. If anyone knows please let me know as I have great respect for Mark and his work. Thanks.
      John DuCommun
      Ladysmith Wisconsin

      Ivan Ortega said...

      I love cross tv, it has been so helpful. I am wondering if there are cross tv dvds available?

      Lane Chaplin said...

      @John, he is no longer at First Boynton. He's decided to concentrate his efforts on CrossTV.

      @Ivan: Yes. You an find them at www.crosstv.com. You can also find many clips on my Youtube channel.

      Barbara said...

      Hi, I see that the crosstv website seems to be down. Do you know if this is a temporary thing, or whether the videos are still being produced? They were so very helpful to me as a baby Chrisitian in explaining spiritual concepts that I had struggled with, and I was hoping to share them. Thank you!

      BROTHER Alan Masch said...

      He Treachs The WHOLE COUNCIL Of GOD.JESUS is GOD.I thank JESUS that Mark and the Others on Cross TV are available on tv.I look forward to watching it.BROTHER Alan Masch.

      BROTHER Alan Masch said...

      He treachs the Whole Council Of GOD.JESUS is GOD.I thank my FATHER,that BROTHER Mark and the other BROTHER S at Cross TV are available on tv.I look forward to watching it on tv.Its the only show I look forward to watch.It has enhanced my walk with GOD greatly.,Praise GOD in the name of JESUS! Thank you! ABBA FATHER! BROTHER Alan Masch




      wakawakwaka said...

      Its pretty funny to hear him claim that the "historical orthodox" position of Christianity is Calvinism that's funny!

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