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      UPDATED: Todd Friel Speaks My Heart on the Warren/Piper Issue

      Saturday, April 24, 2010

      UPDATED: Earlier this morning, Phil Johnson Tweeted a link to an interfaith dialogue Rick Warren took part in Wednesday, April 21st. This is a great illustration of why many of us have concerns with Piper's invitation to Warren.  (EDIT 5/2/2010:  The website seems to have taken the video down.)

      Watch live streaming video from jewishjournal at livestream.com


      Todd Friel wrote an open letter to those who are having a hard time reconciling the recent decision of John Piper to host Rick Warren at Desiring God '10. I think it's a safe bet that I'm going to start listening to Wretched a lot more again.

      I'm not sure if you'll read this, Todd, but thank you. You encouraged this young man.

      Here's the letter.:

      If You Have Been Hurt
      "How many people have been deeply wounded because of “The Purpose Driven Church”? If I were a betting man, I would guess millions have been driven from their beloved church because of the writings of Rick Warren.
      That is the second reason I absolutely hate the decision made by a man I love to invite Rick Warren to speak at the Desiring God Conference in the fall of this year.
      As Purpose has seduced over 300,000 pastors (that is not a guess) to leave the Jesus Model and follow the Rick Model, faithful sheep have been forced out of their church by their shepherd to make room for the goats. Devastating.
      If you are one of those people, I am very, very sorry that one of the men who probably served as an anchor during your storm has seen fit to use his national conference to figure out how Rick Warren ticks. Frankly, we know how Rick Warren ticks. He may have file cabinet orthodoxy, but his public works are nothing short of lethal.
      Perhaps you have suffered the effects of purpose poison and now your almost-healed scars have been ripped open. Many of us feel bad for you. Please heal fast knowing that you were not wrong, you were wronged.

      You were not the bad guy when you left your church whimpering and scalded. You were right. Rick Warren’s pragmatic methodology is not Biblical. His use of Scripture is worse than a self-proclaimed “bishop” on prosperity TV. Rick Warren’s Gospel is no Gospel at all.
      That is the number one reason why I continue to be saddened by this decision; the Gospel will suffer and more people will be hurt.

      Honestly, I thought Rick Warren’s Purpose kingdom was one to two years away from joining Jabez on the ash heap of church trends. Unfortunately, Purpose has been given new life by a highly esteemed pastor.




      Susan said...

      Wow. To say that I am encouraged by this, too, is an understatement. Couldn't have said it better myself. And my parents were two people driven from their church by this paradigm of pragmatic methodology. Really thankful for Todd's stand on this.

      Lydia said...

      I have been reading around the blogosphere about this issue and am saddened more and more about the ridiculous defenses I am seeing from young men concerning Piper. You can see the cognative dissonance in their defenses!

      This is what happens when people follow favorite teachers. They simply cannot seperate truth from the person. Too many times they equate truth with a celebrity Christian. (This is going on all over Christendom)

      I was heavily involved in church growth marketing for megas for many years until I got saved. (I thought I was in those days) I have been around the big names and I can tell you that Warren is a chameleon. He is whatever his audience wants him to be. You want him to be reformed? He reads Spurgeon. You want him to be ecumenical? Synagogue 2000. One of the things that really bothered me (out of the thousands of things Warren does) is when he said that Christians in Syria are not persecuted but free to worship. He believed what the Syrian regime told him!

      I could spend hours listing all of his questionable teaching, associations and pragmatic programs but it would serve no purpose (pun intended) because most would not care. His winning personality takes the day. Always has.

      Knowing the way Warren operates, my guess is that he is using Piper to his advantage. He has much more to gain from this than Piper does.

      But seriously, folks have not really been watching Piper with an objective eye. He has been pushing the envelope for years. I think of "Scream of the Damned", Doug Wilson, Mark Driscoll, etc.

      Piper lives for this stuff. The absolute best response I have heard on Pipers defense of Warren is from Chris Rosenburg on Pirate Christian radio. Look it up. He goes through it line by line. Good stuff.

      Fish with Trish said...

      Lane, You might be encouraged by this clip from the Psalm 119 Conference. Todd Friel is moderating and the "Piper inviting Warren" question is asked. My husband who is also my pastor :-) responds and so does Phil Johnson:


      Blessings, brother.

      Lane Chaplin said...

      Thanks, Trish. That was encouraging. I favorited it on my Youtube channel.

      Fish with Trish said...

      Thanks brother. That's a blessing.

      Anonymous said...

      Good post Lane,
      watered down Christianity is all the rage today, sadly BUT we ARE making progress in proclaiming the last day message, Rob www.godsloveandlaw.wordpress.com

      Mike Boardley said...

      Without knowing all of the facts and reasoning Dr. Piper used in inviting Mr. Warren to speak at D.G.C. 10, I too am deeply puzzled by that decision.

      What I find more "Tragic" is Todd Friel's admonishment of a man who boldly preaches THE ENTIRE Gospel.

      When was the last time you've addressed The Doctrines of Grace Todd? Something so beautiful and essential to Christian teaching, yet you avoid it like the plague.

      That is truly tragic.

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