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      UPDATED: It's Confirmed: John Piper to Host Rick Warren at Desiring God 2010 (with video from Piper)

      Wednesday, March 31, 2010

      This is a sad day. I'm a little shocked but not much, honestly. It's sort of like the person you knew who was in the hospital for the past three years or so. You knew the end was coming soon as you slowly watched them deteriorate, but you just didn't know when. That's how I feel about John Piper's discernment after it has now been confirmed that John Piper has invited Rick Warren to speak at the Fall 2010 Desiring God Conference.

      Here's your confirmation from Piper, himself. In it, he shares this thought:
      "At root I think (Rick Warren) is theological and doctrinal and sound.”

      HT: CrossTalk Blog for the audio

      As I said in my Tweet yesterday, "If this is true, I cannot, in good conscience, endorse @JohnPiper again." You may now change that "If" to a "Since."  At this point, I'm sure that many of you will write me off as "fundamentalist" or whatever else, but I really don't care.  I believe that God is sovereign and all things work together for the good of those who are called and love Him, but, frankly, I can't help but feel a little discouraged today.  John Piper has wonderful, wonderful things to say, but I honestly feel like I would if I were to find out that my Dad was having an affair.  I can't imagine the two feelings being that much different.  Piper is looked to as an authority on Reformed Theology (which I hold to passionately as I believe it's true), and he just brought in the camp the the equivalent of the town prostitute to "meet Mom and the family" under the guise that "he's trying to help her by inviting her into our household to stay and mingle with the family." (That analogy may seem harsh to some, but those who have seriously invested time in investigating Warren and his double speak to sell himself whichever way he can to whichever group is available may realize that the analogy is not far off.) Yeah, right; let your Dad try that with your Mom and see how well that goes over.  If your Dad were to stay with the prostitute at the expense of the well being of the rest of his family because it's "in her best interest," it would say a lot about his priorities and character, would it not?  It's one thing to hold to God's sovereignty while things are going well, but it's quite another to hold to it and still see people you have respected as people with Godly discernment discredit themselves with decisions that undermine the Gospel like it's been revealed about John Piper today. 

      All this "wait and see" stuff I'm hearing from people who would rather rely on unsubstantiated optimism than already established facts is nonsense. John Piper invited a false Gospel to his conference and called it sound. What's left to wait and see?

      Please click this link to hear and read what I consider to be sound critiques of the Purpose Driven Movement and the cult-like tactics it employs in seeking to win a church culture over who is more concerned with being groupies in a land full of "Christian celebrity" than disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  If sound doctrine doesn't matter, I'm on board with Warren, too.  It's the easy way for me, and I'll probably even sell more books if I ever write one.  Unfortunately, for everyone who believes that a precher's popularity determines his credibility, theology does matter.  May God have mercy on this situation and bring repentance.   Piper, Warren, and those who condone this are sincerely in my prayers.

      UPDATED: Maybe the most concerning thing about all of this is the reasons why Piper has accepted Warren to instruct the body at Desiring God 2010. In this short video, Piper gives his reasons (none of which I found convincing in the least).


      New Blog Design is Here!

      Monday, March 29, 2010

      Well, if you have come here at all in the past, you might have noticed that a little something has changed here since the last time you visited. I have wanted to change my blog design for the longest time mainly so it would load better and faster for you all. I think the new layout is wonderful, myself, and I have no one else than Joe McIntire of Winding Brook Web Design to thank.

      This is a new day for this blog as I hope that this will lead to much more entries on here. Honestly, I got to the point where the old layout was just too clunky to work with, and I didn't look forward to posting here much. This, on the other hand, inspires me to do so with more diligence.

      The transition from the old template to this new one was literally one of the easiest endeavors I've had since I've been on the internet. Joe from Winding Brook took the reigns, and all I really had to do was say, "Yay, yay" or "nay, nay" when he asked if I'd like to do something. He literally handled the rest. If you're looking to update your Blogger account, I can't recommend Winding Brook Web Design enough. They have my hearty endorsement. Please take the time to visit their site by clicking the banner above. Please also follow them on Twitter here. Feel free to let them know via Twitter your thoughts on the work Joe did here. Thanks, Joe!

      Now, the blogging resumes...


      I'm Taking a Youtube "Sabbatical"

      Wednesday, March 10, 2010

      I've decided to take a "sabbatical" from Youtube for a while. I'm not sure when I'll start it, but I know I will end it the first of May. Why? There are multiple reasons, but here are some of the most important:

      1) I need some rest.
      I've been doing this for pretty much three years straight now rarely missing more than a week at the most between postings. Though some of these are just simply posting videos other people have allowed me to, even those require some upkeep and moderating comments (and even the draw to see how people are responding) keeps me occupied. This is not to mention the ones I make from scratch.  It will be good to have a break from this.

      2) Give others time to catch up on views.
      Some have complained that they haven't seen a bunch of the old videos I've posted because everytime I go to post a new one, they watch that instead of an older one they want to catch up on. There are only so many hours in the day. This will give everyone a chance to catch up on the over 500 videos that are now posted there.

      3) A new blog format is coming.
      Someone graciously offered to revamp my blog so this will be a good transition time for all that. I'll give more details on that later including who's doing it so you can possibly hire them to do yours, too.

      4) Law school.
      It's crunch time. I need to devote time to that and the internship I'm doing.

      I'm going to still post a few more videos that I've been planning before I take the leave, but after that, it will be just the videos that are on there now along with these new ones for about a month - month and a half.  Also, I'll still be posting on Twitter and such so I won't be completely gone from the internet.  I still haven't decided if I'll do a quick vid for a April Resource of the Month, but I'm leaning now toward no.

      Thanks, everyone, for the endless support you all give me on a daily basis.  I appreciate that very much, and the Lord uses it to keep me encouraged.  God bless.


      Marching Orders for a Backslidden Church (Phil Johnson)

      Monday, March 8, 2010

      Please visit here for other messages from the 2010 Shepherd's Conference.

      Everyone knows that the the visible church today isn't in great shape. In fact, many would say that it's in as bad of a shape if not worse as when the Reformation took place. Here, Phil Johnson tackles this subject at the 2010 Shepherd's Conference.

      Thanks to Phil Johnson for allowing me to post this here. He was on Rightly Divided already once and plans to be on there again in the near future. You can view that previous episode here:


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