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This site was not developed with the intention of drawing a large number of visitors using trivial methods and shallowness. There is rejoicing among the angels when even one sinner repents and believes in Jesus Christ. (Luke 15:10) If, for as long as this site exists, just one sinner is led to repentance and belief in Christ with the aid of the material presented here, the purpose of this site has been served.


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      RIGHTLY DIVIDED | Episode 2: Defining and Defending Historic Evangelicalism with guest Phil Johnson

      Sunday, October 25, 2009

      These days, it seems like everyone declares themselves to be evangelical, but what does this term really mean? Does it have any historical basis? Who are some that are calling themselves evangelical that really aren't, and why is it important to defend the historic position? Is "Evangelicalism" in a worse state today spiritually than Roman Catholicism was at the time of the Reformation? These questions and more are answered in this edition of Rightly Divided with guest Phil Johnson.

      Here are the two articles from Pyromaniacs we reference during the show:
      Link 1)
      Link 2)

      Here is the lecture Phil gave several years ago at the Shepherd's Conference on the subject of Evangelicalism.

      Phil Johnson is the director of John MacArthur's Grace to You ministry, and he also runs the blog Pyromaniacs.

      To access past episodes and where the future episodes will be posted, click the picture below.


      Nathan W. Bingham said...

      Lane, I look forward to watching /listening to this when I get the time. Can I ask, what did you use to capture the video; is this a recorded Skype chat? Thanks.

      Lane Chaplin said...

      Nathan, I used SkypeCap to record the Skype call. It didn't work perfectly. The audio/video sync required some work, but at least it gives a way to get to the final product.


      Nathan W. Bingham said...

      Thanks Lane.

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