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This site was not developed with the intention of drawing a large number of visitors using trivial methods and shallowness. There is rejoicing among the angels when even one sinner repents and believes in Jesus Christ. (Luke 15:10) If, for as long as this site exists, just one sinner is led to repentance and belief in Christ with the aid of the material presented here, the purpose of this site has been served.


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      The 7th Commandment on Hollywood Blvd.
      (Tony Miano)

      Monday, August 31, 2009

      My friend, Tony Miano, confronted a group of pornographers on Hollywood Blvd. God bless Tony.


      Charles Finney and the Heresy of American Pelagianism
      (White Horse Inn)

      Tuesday, August 25, 2009

      From WhiteHorseInn.org:

      "Why have the doctrines of grace been so difficult to take root in the American soil? What is it about the way we think and act as a people that makes Pelagianism so common, if not our very "default setting?" On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts will continue their discussion of Pelagianism, with a particular focus on its influence in American religion and practice."

      For the first video in this series that gives more of a history and defines Pelagianism, click here

      What is Pelagianism? According to Philip Schaff:

      "There is, therefore, according to this system, no original sin, and no hereditary guilt. Pelagius merely conceded, that Adam, by his disobedience, set a bad example, which exerts a more or less injurious influence upon his posterity. He was also inclined to admit an increasing corruption of mankind, though he ascribed it solely to the habit of evil, which grows in power the longer it works and the farther it spreads. Sin, however, is not born with man; it is not a product of nature, but of the will. Man is born both without virtue and without vice, but with the capacity for either. The universality of sin must be ascribed to the power of evil example and evil custom." (Schaff, op. cit., p. 806)

      In other words, man in his nature is basically a good person from birth. Even though the Bible says, "There is none good, no not one", Pelagius says in so many words, "There are some good, yes some." This along with various other teachings including a denial of penal substitutionary atonement makes the theology of Pelagianism heresy.

      Here are some links to more information from this show:

      Show Commentary

      More Resources for the Show (Scroll down to the July 13, 2008 show)


      RIGHTLY DIVIDED | Episode 1: Does Reformed Theology Matter? with guest Dr. James White

      Sunday, August 23, 2009

      Does Reformed Theology matter? Some say that it's irrelevant, and all that we should care about is getting people to make decisions for Jesus. Others say that if being careful and exact with your theology is important to you, you're worshiping an idol and need to repent of your idolatry. So do these people have real claims or does the theology that you hold to really matter (in particular whether you hold to Reformed Theology)? Dr. James White gives some insight on how Reformed Theology affects one's apologetic, worship of God, and everyday life as a believer and why Reformed Theology is the most consistent and effective way to defend Biblical Christianity here on the first edition of Rightly Divided.

      Further episodes of Rightly Divided will be able to be found here in the future.



      BlogCast of the Week: Cal.vini.st

      Friday, August 21, 2009

      The final BlogCast for this week is going to be...


      This is a wonderful site that has a devotion to sound Reformed theology. One of my favorite features on there are the "five points of interest" that show you five links around the internet to some current event that is going on within the Reformed community (and some that have nothing at all to do with Reformed Theology but are interesting nonetheless ie. Google Chrome in Dominos :) ). I've had the privilege of speaking with the owner of the blog, Nathan Bingham, some, and I sincerely appreciate his dedication and participation in the land of the internet. (If you'd like to follow him on Twitter, you may do so by clicking here.)

      To give you a taste of what this blog has to offer, I'm going to link to a two part interview Nathan recently did with James White. Keep in mind, though, this is only a taste of the wonderful things that come out of that blog. Thanks for all your hard work, Nathan!

      Interview Part 1 || Part 2

      You can get to the blog by clicking the picture below.


      Rightly Divided is Almost Here...

      Thursday, August 20, 2009

      Coming soon.

      Link to the playlist where all the video episodes will be hosted (you'll also be able to find this on my Youtube profile page).

      Some people have asked me what camera I shoot my videos with. I use a Sony Webbie HD. In this video, I shot the footage of myself talking and the basketball footage was also shot on it. I highly recommend it especially since it shoots so well and only costs $180. It rocks. You can get one here.


      Christian "Dating" (Mark from ProclaimHisWord Interviews Susan and Myself)

      Wednesday, August 19, 2009

      Mark from ProclaimHisWord interviewed Susan and myself on the issue of Christian "dating". Although the term "dating" is used, we mainly focus on what it should be namely courtship.


      The Irresistible God (Jim McClarty)

      Tuesday, August 18, 2009

      Reformed Theology says that God's grace is irresistible, but in this sermon Pastor Jim McClarty argues that all of God's attributes are inherently irresistible. This sermon walks through four proofs of God's sovereign control:

      (1) God describes Himself as irresistible
      (2) Prophecy proves His irresistibility
      (3) God's actions and activity prove His irresistibility
      (4) Salvation proves that God is indeed irresistible

      This sermon also addresses the common use of Acts 7:51 as an argument against God's sovereignty and in favor of the theory of libertarian freedom.

      This sermon was recorded at the 26th annual Sovereign Grace Bible Conference, held yearly at Main Street Baptist Church in Lexington, KY. The website is: www.sovereigngracebibleconference.org This particular message was preached on Wednesday, August 5, 2009. http://www.salvationbygrace.org


      BlogCast of the Week: ReformedVoices.com

      Monday, August 17, 2009

      Sorry, folks. I missed doing a BlogCast of the Week (BotW) last week. My girlfriend, Susan, was in town for the week and it was only a few of the 25 or so days out of the year that I'll get to see her until next May so I got a little sidetracked. Since this is the case, I'm going to do two BotW's this week. Expect the next one Friday.

      The first BlogCast of the Week is...


      I've known the author of this blog, Philip, for sometime now. In fact, if it wasn't for Philip, I'm not sure if I would have been introduced to the wonderful ministry of Jim McClarty. I didn't mention this in the last post, but it's Philip and Ben from SymphonyofScripture that I can credit with most of the graphics you see on this site and the Youtube page. They have truly both been a profound blessing to my life.

      The posts Philip brings each time are very edifying. There, you can find a plethora of quotes, videos, and even contests to win books. I highly recommend his blog and think that you would do well to visit there often. Click the picture below if you'd like to go there now. Thanks, Philip!


      August & September 2009 Resource of the Month with Eric Holmberg and Other Guests (Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism)

      Wednesday, August 12, 2009

      Folks, I cannot stress enough how important this DVD is, and how much it should be part of your library. It's that good. Thanks to Eric Holmberg and everyone presented within for helping make this Resource of the Month video.

      Link to purchase the DVD

      Study Guide for Amazing Grace

      From TheApologeticsGroup.com:
      "Just what is "Calvinism?" Does this teaching make man a deterministic robot and God the author of sin? What about free will? If the church accepts Calvinism, won't evangelism be stifled, perhaps even extinguished? How can we balance God's sovereignty and man's responsibility? What are the differences between historic Calvinism and hyper-Calvinism? Why did men like Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, Whitefield, Edwards and a host of renowned Protestant evangelists deny the Arminian definition of free will and label it heresy? Why did the Roman Catholic Church condemn the Reformed teaching of predestination and election and embrace free will theology? And why do so many Protestants, perhaps unwittingly, agree with Rome on this issue?

      Amazing Grace - The History and Theology of Calvinism is the first video documentary that answers these and other related questions. This fascinating three-part, four-hour presentation is detailed enough so as to not gloss over the controversy. At the same time, it is broken up into ten "Sunday-school-sized" sections to make the rich content manageable and accessible for the average viewer."

      Clips from Amazing Grace:
      Clip 1
      Clip 2
      Clip 3
      Clip 4
      Clip 6

      Links to the Youtube Channels of people who Participated in This Video:

      Tony Miano

      Mark Sennett

      Douglas K. Adu-Boahan

      Susan Yenser

      Leon Brown

      Mark Aponte

      Doug Eaton

      Pastor Jim McClarty
      (Many of Pastor Jim's sermon excerpts can be found here as well: http://www.youtube.com/diligentile )



      A Conversation with Susan Yenser and Mark from ProclaimHisWord

      Tuesday, August 11, 2009

      Today, my friend, Mark Sennett from ProclaimHisWord came back to Trinity Law School to interview my girlfriend, Susan Yenser. Susan has a unique testimony of growing up believing she was a true believer, but instead dabbling in much of the "seeker-sensitive" movement. The Lord saw fit to save her from that about three years ago. Here is her testimony:


      Always Be Ready [Week 1] (Mark Kielar)

      Friday, August 7, 2009

      "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: "
      (1Pe 3:15)

      As Christians, one of the things we are required to do is "always be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within you." Sadly, many Christians when asked to give a reasoned answer believe that an answer alone will suffice. This results in "Jesus is risen from the dead" being just as justifiable as "Dumbo the Elephant lives in my attic" if one does not have to give a reasoned answer for what they believe. This sermon, the first in a series, by Mark Kielar encourages believers to always be ready to give a reasoned answer not just a rote reply when asked about the hope that lies within us.

      Pastor Mark pastors at First Baptist of Boynton Beach. My sincere thanks goes to Pastor Keith Baker there for helping make these sermons available for me to post here and share with others. They have a great website:


      BlogCast of the Week: Symphony of Scripture

      Wednesday, August 5, 2009

      For the first week that I'm doing this feature, I've decided to chose a blog to share with you all. The blog is called "Symphony of Scripture." In it, you will always find a healthy dose of theological resources whether they be quotes, articles, videos, etc. I have had the privilege of knowing the owner of the blog, Ben Davis, for a few years now, and I must say that he is a very faithful brother who seeks to be not only wise with what he posts, but also precise in his theology so there is no ambiguity as to what he believes or where he stands on certain issues. Over the years, I'm not sure if he realizes this or not, but he's given me great encouragement by doing what might be considered merely small things like posting a quote on his Facebook page that spoke directly to the situation I was facing that particular day. I find that many of his posts at SOS do exactly the same. So, with that, here is the first submission of the Lane's Blog BlogCast of the Week. Please click the picture below to go there.


      BlogCast of the Week: New Feature on the Blog!

      Tuesday, August 4, 2009

      After receiving great feedback from the Resource of the Month videos I've been doing on Youtube for the past five months, I've decided to expand this concept a little further, but this one will be done exclusively on this blog. I'm calling it the "BlogCast of the Week". The reason I'm naming it the "Blogcast" is because each week I'll be highlighting either one website, blog, or podcast that I find very helpful and believe would help you in your walk immensely. So, Thursday, check back here if you'd like for the first "BlogCast of the Week".

      Press on, Saints!


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