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This site was not developed with the intention of drawing a large number of visitors using trivial methods and shallowness. There is rejoicing among the angels when even one sinner repents and believes in Jesus Christ. (Luke 15:10) If, for as long as this site exists, just one sinner is led to repentance and belief in Christ with the aid of the material presented here, the purpose of this site has been served.


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Married to @SueBirdChaplin, LaneCh on Youtube, Host of Rightly Divided, Reagan Conservative, J.D., Deacon at Christ Reformed of Anaheim (Rom.7:24-25a)




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      Twitter, Meet Lane. Lane, Twitter.

      Wednesday, July 29, 2009

      At much of the chagrin of certain 5'10" female Florida University basketball players :), I decided to join Twitter yesterday. I have been doing status updates for a long time now on Facebook, and figured I could do it there just as well. You can find my profile and "follow" me by clicking the picture below.

      Here's the url if you'd like to share it with others:


      A Conversation with Doug Eaton

      Tuesday, July 28, 2009

      Recently, two of my friends, Doug Eaton and Mark Sennett, sat down for Doug to share his testimony. I thought it would be pretty interesting for a lot of you who are familiar with Doug's videos. Of course, I may be biased since I eat lunch with him multiple times a week, play ball with him, and get beat often by his kids on the Wii. Who knows...? :)

      Seriously, though, he's a wonderful brother, and it's been my honor for a while now to not only know him as a brother but also a dear friend.

      Here's the link to his blog and Youtube channel.

      Here's the link to Mark's Youtube channel.


      Christ Commands to Make Disciples Not Returning Customers (Spurgeon and Mark Kielar)

      Monday, July 27, 2009


      Streamlining the Blog...

      Friday, July 24, 2009

      I've received several emails from people to the effect of: "Hey Lane, I really enjoy reading your blog, but it has so much stuff on the sidebar that it slows down my computer and takes forever to load!" I've listened, considered, and decided to remove a lot of the sidebar picture links and widgets that were there before so the blog will load a lot faster for you now. The links I've taken down have been included in the blogroll, but I may have missed one so if I have, please let me know. Just, whatever you do, don't think I've taken your picture link down because I feel you've sold out to seeker-sensitivism and other heresy. :)


      Office Hours with J.I. Packer and EvangelismTeam.com

      Thursday, July 23, 2009

      Last week, my friend, Leon, from EvangelismTeam.com had the privilege of interviewing Dr. J.I. Packer. They discussed several important issues here so I want to share it with you all.


      The Gospel According to the Heretic Pelagius (White Horse Inn)

      Wednesday, July 22, 2009

      One of the biggest heresies in the modern church today, I believe, is Pelagianism. What exactly is Pelagianism, though? Is this a modern invention or has this been around for quite a while? I get these questions often. Now, I provide this video of an episode of the White Horse Inn where they tackle this subject and provide answers to many of the questions that are posed to me from inquisitive minds.


      Are You God-Centered or Self-Centered? (Mark Kielar)

      Monday, July 20, 2009


      Does God Treat Men Differently?

      Sunday, July 19, 2009


      Boredom, Self-Denial, and the Christian Life

      Friday, July 17, 2009


      The Wonder of it All! (Jeff Noblit)

      Wednesday, July 15, 2009

      Repentance, salvation, grace, and forgiveness are very often terms that are confused by many. Here, Jeff Noblit drives home why these theological terms are not just theological terms but a true blessing for the believer in Christ.


      July 2009 Resource of the Month

      Thursday, July 2, 2009

      This month's resource of the month is C.H. Spurgeon's classic devotional, "Morning and Evening." (I apologize for the wind in the background to this video. It happens sometimes when you're filming outside and don't have much time to reshoot the video.)

      Here are some links to get this book:

      Free Online Reading




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