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      Life Past the 10th Grade...

      Tuesday, March 31, 2009

      One of the things I deal with a on a daily basis is comments from unbelievers and immature professors of Christ. I'll usually block the abrasive unbelievers and try to at least converse with those who profess to believe but aren't clear about things and even the unbelievers who are cordial. One thing that I notice in each is a fundamental misunderstanding of their beliefs about what exactly I believe. Unfortunately, this tendency is fully functioning not only in the groups previously mentioned, but also in the professing pastors that come and comment occasionally... which brings us to the case in point.

      Earlier today, I was reading Slice when I came across a quote from a person who I've critiqued here before about certain issues mainly because I used to attend his entertainment center (so according to those people, I have full reign to speak about it since attendance is a priority in critiquing these places). I know first hand what's going on and have very good friends who still go there. The quote I came across was this:

      “BTW…why is it that many of the reformed guys are complete @$$holes? Did God REALLY call them to pick apart verb tenses and voice intonations of speakers who don’t say things exactly right or don’t use a particular word order?”
      - Perry Noble (source)

      Even though he used an explicative here, that's not really the point in me writing this post. I would be foolish to think that an 89 Sedan could fly me to Cuba. It's not in it's nature to do so. In the same gist, I would also be foolish to think that someone who has no qualms with embracing the mindset of a 10th grader would think and speak with maturity. No, the things I want to focus on in this post are the following two things:

      1) Perry said, "Did God REALLY call them to pick apart verb tenses and voice intonations of speakers who don’t say things exactly right or don’t use a particular word order?"

      If you think that spending time learning something that you want to be faithful to isn't what God wants us to do, you've got a lot more repenting to do than the repenting you shared that you've done previously in your post. Let's just consider this scenario: Let's say that what we "reformed guys" hold to is actually what Scripture teaches (just for kicks, of course), and, because we want to be faithful to Scripture, we take the time to parse through the verbs, nouns, etc, to make sure that we're being honest with it because of the respect we have for it. Wouldn't this make Perry someone who was going against the Scriptures? The last thing Satan wants is for us to understand what exactly the Scriptures say. It's no wonder that there are "entertainers of light" who do the same.

      In case that point didn't come across, allow me to bring this closer to home in an example that might help you more, Perry. There's a game called Guitar Hero. Those who are faithful to it want to learn every tab, beat, button combo, etc. They want to represent the songs in the way that would best represent the video game they hold dear. I'm sure many of your friends hold to this. I'm wondering why I won't see a blog post on your website, Perry, critiquing them for doing so. Could it be that you hold a double standard in regard to what is being parsed through, and your critiques aren't really based on anything other than your subjective feelings, what you can get out of it for yourself, etc.? Could it be that if you did go after them for doing the same exact thing in essence that you're going after people who take time with the Greek to do, your popularity rating with them would go down? After all, Guitar Hero is so much more popular than Reformed theology, and if you keep the Guitar Hero folks happy, hey, more numbers means God's doing a work in that entertainment center, huh? I had friends in high school who were really into music. Very often, when a certain band went "big time" for the sake of "being big time" they would lament the fact that the band sold out. I am hard pressed to think of a situation where a person has "sold out" more than what I am seeing in regard to the "Seeker-Sensitive" religion these days, and the example that I've shown above certainly attributes itself to being susceptible to this lament.

      2) "And if you are reformed and angry at the paragraph above…I was predestined before the foundations of the world to type it…so get over it! :-)"

      Ah, the fundamental misunderstanding of double predestination. You would think that someone who's against rightly dividing the word of truth would understand certain doctrines, right? Well...

      One thing that Perry is great about is pejorative rhetoric. However, pejorative rhetoric often shows a fundamental misunderstanding of certain ideas when the rhetoric is laid out for all to see. This theory holds true here.  Perry actually believes that we actually believe that God was the one who made him say, "many of the reformed guys are complete @$$holes". I attribute this to two things. 1)  I know when I was in the 10th grade, I didn't want to be accountable for much of anything except that which would put me in the best light possible around others and impress them the most. It comes to me as no surprise that someone who, again, has no qualms with never going past the mindset of a 10th grader would like to not take responsibility of his own actions.  and 2)  (I'm going to get a little technical here, but just use the same brainpower you would trying to learn "Highway to Hell" on Guitar Hero.) Perry has a fundmental misunderstanding that he'll only be able to overcome by what he doesn't seem to fond of:  study.  You see, there's this thing called original sin. Original sin states that we were all guilty when we were born in Adam after the fall because of the fall. So, when someone these days says something like, "many of the reformed guys are complete @$$holes", they are saying exactly what they want to say according to their nature. God doesn't force them to say, "many of the reformed guys are complete @$$holes". They do it solely because they want to, and it is what their nature desires. Here, unfortunately, we learn not only that Perry doesn't understand double predestination, but he also doesn't want to take responsibility for his own actions. It's sad, but what do you expect from someone who sees nothing wrong with playing "Highway to Hell" for their Easter concert/Sunday morning service?  The Bible tells us to "study to show yourself approved".  Unfortunately, today in the Seeker-Sensitive Religion, many of them hold that it should have said, "be as popular as you possibly can with unbelievers to show yourself approved."

      To help you understand what exactly it is you are misrepresenting, Perry, I would like to introduce you to the doctrine of Double Predestination (Explained Rightly) with the hopes that you have a "de ja vu" and repent of this like you repented of forming uninformed opinions of others before you even knew what they held (your John Piper example).

      Also, Perry, to help you understand a little about the importance of sound speech, I'm including this little video from Phil Johnson so hopefully it will bring a little more conviction.:

      In closing, I'd like to emphatically stress that life past the 10th grade is wonderful, Perry. I promise. One would think it's about time to graduate from that way of thinking at 35+.

      (Disclaimer: This picture is not Perry Noble, but I believe it embodies the mentality that he and many in the movement are embracing: middle aged men trying to be hip for "big time's" sake.)


      CrossTV Clip List Now Available

      Wednesday, March 25, 2009

      I just want to let you all know of a little goodie on the net. My friend, Bill, took upon himself the task of categorizing all the CrossTV clips I have on my channel and placing them in one, concise list with links to each video. (Go to Audio/Video-->Apologetic video clips) I think this will be helpful to many of you. Thanks, Bill!


      Sound Doctrine Matters!

      Monday, March 16, 2009

      Here is Doug Eaton, Mark from ProclaimHisWord, and I speaking a little about the importance of sound doctrine.


      March 2009's Resource of the Month
      ["What is Faith?" by J. Gresham Machen]

      Friday, March 13, 2009

      This video explains a new feature I'm doing for the blog.

      (This is my first attempt at a Youtube video narrated by myself so please bear with me. :) )

      To get the book from Amazon, click on the following picture.

      To get the free pdf of the book, click here.


      Meet Ignatius: The New Breed of "Youth Pastor"

      Thursday, March 12, 2009

      Like Ingrid says, "A little satire goes a long way."

      No word yet on if New Spring has Ignatius scheduled for any upcoming sermonar series. My guess is probably not, though, since the name "New Spring Church" is not mentioned anytime throughout this video, and we all know that "church shout-outs" are a perquisite to effective ministry.

      Ignatius from travis hawkins on Vimeo.

      HT: Slice of Laodicea


      Happy Birthday, Atheist. [One Professing Atheist's Dilemma]

      Wednesday, March 11, 2009

      The following is an exchange I had recently with a professing atheist on Youtube. I wanted to present it here to show that some professing atheists don't always practice what they preach.

      (The professing atheist's comments are in italics. Edited for brevity.)

      Professing Atheist: "Faith" in the religious context means accepting dogma as fact in the absence of evidence. This is a poor policy for uncovering the truth.

      Me: Um... no it doesn't. Faith in the Christian religion is based upon fact. It's based upon the written account and oral testimony of eyewitnesses.

      One thing that we could ask of you, [his screenname], is "what day is your birthday?"

      PA: You claim there is an afterlife , and an invisible deity who will judge you when you die. (I assume) These are not facts Mr Lane but speculation. Just because some bronze age peasants saw Jesus produce a bottle of Merlot does not give any credibility to all that supernatural spirit world spiel does it?

      My Birthday ? why ?

      Me: You don't have to actually share the day here if you'd rather not. I'd just like to know if you actually have a birthday. (ie. the knowledge of the day that you were born.)

      PA: Ok yes I do . I think I see where this is going. I dont have a star sign though , as I refuse to give Astrology any credence.

      Me: That actually isn't where this was going. So we've declared that you do have a day you consider the day of your birth. Ok.

      Why do you consider that day to be your birthday? Do you remember it? Did you write it down the day you came out of the womb? What are you relying upon to determine that that is your day of birth?

      PA: My mum remembers it because I weighed nearly 10 pounds ! and I guess that medical records could be scrutinised. However , if you are attempting to suggest by logical extrapolation that this is the same as believing that the empirically tested laws of physics were broken 2000 years ago because it was witnessed by a number of people I have to point out that more people than that claim to see Elvis every year. (respectfully I might add )

      Me: Well, what I am asserting is that you are relying on written accounts and eyewitness testimony for the day of your birth, so I'm wondering if you will grant that for our position. If you do, then we would have to determine whether your mom and the doctors are lying. That would be all that was left. The same would be true about the apostles. We just have to determine if they were telling the truth since we both agree then that written and oral testimony can be permitted as credible.

      From that point, the conversation didn't get back to any discussion about ""Faith" in the religious context mean(ing) accepting dogma as fact in the absence of evidence." Just wanted to share so our atheist friends would have something to think about. Happy birthday this year, atheists.


      Mark From ProclaimHisWord Interviewed Me

      Monday, March 9, 2009

      Mark from ProclaimHisWord interviewed me earlier today. Mark is a dear brother, and I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with him. Hopefully we'll have more videos in the future. He'll be posting another video this Friday that we did about sound doctrine. If you're on Youtube, I'd recommend subscribing to his Youtube channel. He has great commentary on there.


      Does God Learn? [Refuting Open Theism]
      (Doug Eaton)

      Here is another good point coming from Doug Eaton about how, if open theism is true, then God learns and is subject to time.


      God Doesn't Know What?

      Friday, March 6, 2009

      From Doug Eaton's Youtube channel:

      "I came out of my garage and headed to Trinity Law School to meet Lane Chaplin to discuss open theism. In this video we discuss what open theism is and some objections to it.

      If you are looking to go deeper on this topic I recommend:

      "What does God Know and When Does He Know it?" by Millard Erickson

      "No Other God" by John Frame

      "The Freedom of the Will" By Jonathan Edwards"

      - Doug Eaton


      If Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians was Published in Christianity Today
      (Sacred Sandwich Link)

      Wednesday, March 4, 2009

      This is just flat out great. The Sacred Sandwich did a piece on what would happen if Paul's epistle to the Galatians was published in Christianity Today. Here's a taste of the post:

      Dear Editor:

      How arrogant of Mr. Apostle to think he has the right to judge these people and label them accursed. Isn’t that God’s job? Regardless of this circumcision issue, these Galatians believe in Jesus just as much as he does, and it is very Pharisaical to condemn them just because they differ on such a secondary issue. Personally, I don’t want a sharp instrument anywhere near my zipper, but that doesn’t give me the right to judge how someone else follows Christ. Can’t we just focus on our common commitment to Christ and furthering His kingdom, instead of tearing down fellow believers over petty doctrinal matters?

      Ed Bilgeway; Tonganoxie, KS

      To read the rest of the "letters to the editor", click here.


      Marks of a False Convert
      (Tony Miano)

      Tony Miano, director of Living Waters/Way of the Master's Ambassador's Alliance, gave a sermon recently called "Marks of a False Convert". In it, he identifies several marks that, if a person has, they could be a false convert. These marks include a "theology" called "Open Theism" (God doesn't know the future and learns like we do), another called "Sinless Perfectionism" (a belief that we can attain perfection in this life), and a denial of original sin among others. These errors are categorized by the name "Moral Government Theology" as well. This is a hard hitting sermon, but it's spoken in love to those who are entangled by these heresies as well as others.

      Here is the list from Tony's blog, http://thelawmanchronicles.blogspot.com , that lays out all the marks he wanted to cover in this sermon. Due to time restraints, he wasn't able to hit all these topics.

      Ten Marks of a False Convert:

      1. You believe that you are inherently a good person, thus denying the doctrine of Original Sin.

      2. You commit idolatry of the mind and blaspheme the very character of God by denying essential doctrines such as judgment, hell, regeneration, and justification by faith alone; and you replace the truth with lies such as sinless perfection and open theism.

      3. You think that only the red-lettered words in your Bible are the words of Jesus and, therefore, the rest of the Bible can be interpreted and applied to your liking.

      4. You believe that a person can be a Christian while wantonly engaging in habitual sin; such as homosexuality, fornication, adultery in mind or body, the support in any way whatsoever of the murder of the unborn, or any other sin.

      5. You believe that because a person has prayed a prayer and asked Jesus into their heart, then they are saved.

      6. You believe a person can be a Christian, even if they bear no fruit after making a profession of faith in Christ. You treat the grace of God as a license to sin. You like the word backslider.

      7. You struggle with the thought of missing a meal; but going days, weeks, even months without reading your Bible doesnt faze you.

      8. You pray when you want something from God; but beyond that you have very little time for conversation with Him.

      9. You believe that Darwinian, macro-evolution is a scientific fact and compatible with belief in the God of the Bible.

      10. You see evangelism as a gift other people have; and you have no real concern about the fact that 150,000 people die every day, with the vast majority of them bound for hell. You soothe your conscience by convincing yourself that friendship evangelism, as it is most commonly practiced among American Christians, is actually in the Bible. You think that if you let your little light shine, you dont have to verbally proclaim the gospel.


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