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      One Professing Atheist's Perspective on Post-Modernism

      Sunday, February 22, 2009

      Here's professing atheist Penn Jillette explaining his view on what has been categorized as "post-modernism" or relativism. It just goes to prove that professing atheists aren't the dummies and we're the smart ones just because we believe in Jesus. I don't agree with many of his beliefs, but he gets it regarding relativism/post-modernism unlike a wide array of present day "evangelicals" who drink the Kool-Aid without any critical thought whatsoever nor the desire to use it.


      The Protestant Stand said...

      Lane, you do realize that Penn and Teller are not Christians? I imagine they in anyway Calvinist.

      May they can't come to Christ because they are not of the elect?
      Or they are depraved (and they are), and thay are waiting for God to draw them forcibly.......Lol!


      Lane Chaplin said...

      "Lane, you do realize that Penn and Teller are not Christians?"

      No, Danny, I did not realize this. By titling this post and mentioning in the post that he is an atheist, I realize that I might have been a bit ambiguous.

      "May they can't come to Christ because they are not of the elect?"

      How do you know they are not of the elect? If you are claiming that you know, you are on par with God's knowledge. If so, repent.

      "Or they are depraved (and they are), and thay are waiting for God to draw them forcibly"

      We've spoken about your straw men before, Danny. Please actually study this subject.

      Neiswonger said...


      W.M. (Bill) Price said...

      It's so sad when an atheist gets it better than some professing evangelicals.

      Also the hatred against biblical Christianity, what some call Calvinism, is just so sad, and just another proof that some have a heart which is religious and not truly converted.

      Joel Tay said...

      Argh! A fellow magician commenting on postmodernism. Nice one. Though it is said that he is not a Christian.

      Greg said...

      Excellent post Lane, although I'm upset that you've forced me to agree with an atheist :-)

      I'd be interested to see if he ever did follow through and talk about "Hell House." My former pastor was heavily involved with that - thought it was the greatest thing ever.

      Greg (#pros)

      Jeremie said...

      He is right. You cannot ride the line. Either you believe and have faith or you think faith is a bad evil in the world. Post modernist just don't get it.

      Jeremie said...

      "and thay are waiting for God to draw them forcibly.......Lol!"
      Wow straw man!
      In the words of john gill this best describes Irresistible Grace.

      "this act of drawing is an act of power, yet not of force; God in drawing of unwilling, makes willing in the day of His power: He enlightens the understanding, bends the will, gives an heart of flesh, sweetly allures by the power of His grace, and engages the soul to come to Christ, and give up itself to Him; he draws with the bands of love. Drawing, though it supposes power and influence, yet not always coaction and force: music draws the ear, love the heart, and pleasure the mind."
      Please read up on the five points of grace.

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