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      A Purpose Driven Scolding from Purpose Driven Hireling Perry Noble

      Saturday, January 31, 2009

      This is just sickening. I'm thankful that the Lord delivered my girlfriend Susan and I from Perry's congregation.


      Underdog Theology said...

      The fact that this supposed "pastor" tries so hard to appear "cool" is indeed sickening.

      His demeanor tries desperately to appeal to that fallen part of man that wants independence--both from God and man.

      Makes one wonder why this guy is even a pastor in the first place.

      Anonymous said...

      Been to your blog a few times and find it informative. Also, I used to attend NS, too. We may be neighbors!

      Also, following is the URL to a rather long essay regarding my journey into and out of NS.

      W.M. (Bill) Price said...

      So many think that if they have a title in front of their name, that makes them a pastor. may those in that church flee as off of a ship that has been torpedoed.

      Puritan said...


      Anonymous said...

      If you don't have love you are just a clanging gong!

      Rob Short said...

      Hi Lane! Are you telling me this was your Pastor? Whoa. I understand and agree with the idea that a Pastor cannot know everyone equally. Bbut I believe this is something he would lament. But he should LOVE everyone equally. He sounds very angry. If this is how he sounds normally, he should be ashamed of himself. He is giving Pastors a bad name. I would like to here him in context, but you can't justify this lack of love and compassion at all. He is just being hurtful. We are commanded to tell the Truth in LOVE. He needs rebuking by an Elder badly.

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