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      Why I Now Prefer Kindle eBooks Over Traditional Books

      Monday, December 28, 2009

      Yes, you read the title right. Never did I think I would say that especially when Kindles first came out several years ago, but after using one now since my parents got me one for Christmas, I can honestly say that I prefer reading books on the Kindle rather than reading them the traditional way. I wrote this realization on Twitter yesterday, and a lot of people wanted to know the "why" behind this. Here's my attempt to explain.

      "Aren't You Going to Miss Traditional Books?"

      I love books. I love having books. I love lining my bookshelves with books. But one thing that I love more than anything about books is actually reading them. One type of book that I love to read is that of theology. I have hardcover copies of John Owen's complete works including his set on Hebrews, John Calvin's commentaries, two sets of C.H. Spurgeon's sermons, a seven volume set of John Calvin's letters, and Francis Schaeffer's complete works just to name a few. I love these sets, but admittedly, they don't get read nearly as much as I'd like for them to be. Why? The main reason is because they stay in one location at all times: in my room. Sure, I can take a volume here and a volume there with me when I leave to go places, but the fact is if I want to read several books at a time (which is usually), it gets a bit awkward carrying three hardcover copies of books around in my bookbag especially if I'm travelling. Here's one of the main reasons I prefer the Kindle: portability which leads to productivity. Right now, I have 61 books on my Kindle. I find myself going to my parent's dock and reading out of 3-4 of them in a single sitting; something I would not have done with traditional books. Yesterday, I was traveling via plane. Before, I'd be quick to pull out my phone and check out the newsfeeds to see what was new, but yesterday I found myself going to books and reading information about such things as covenant theology and the like. For me, its led to more productivity in reading already because "when I get the itch" for a certain kind of book, its always there by my side to "scratch." There have been a few times that I've been reading in one book, and the author mentions another book that further explains the situation. Normally in a traditional book, I would have to write the name of the book and author down, search the internet for a cheap copy of it, pay for the book, pay shipping and handling, and wait several days to weeks for it to arrive so I can further investigate the point(s) the author raises. Not on the Kindle. It's connected to a 3G network provided by Sprint for free. This means that as soon as you want the book (without losing your place in the book because it automatically saves where you were ie. no more bookmarks), you go to the Amazon store or one of the many sites on the net that host free Kindle books like the gem Archive.org and download it (for free in many cases). Which brings me to the next point...

      "I'm Skeptical About the Kindle Because it Costs $259.99."

      The price for the Kindle is $259.99. It's a lot of money, I'd agree. However, since I've had the Kindle now for a total of three days, the Kindle has already paid for itself several times over literally. Let me explain.

      Earlier, I mentioned Archive.org. If you haven't been to this treasure trove of information, I highly suggest you check it out. Currently they have 1.8 million books in their library, and they just recently started providing the Kindle format (.mobi) for their books. This literally means access to 1.8 million books for free. In the past several days, I got Thomas Goodwin's complete works (I've seen sold in HB for $300-400) for free, Calvin's Institutes (roughly $30 HB) for free, and John Bunyan's complete works ($115 on Amazon for HB) for free along with many other books. As if this weren't enough, from Amazon's Kindle store I also got Jonathan Edwards' works (around $55 HB) for $1.98 and the ESV Study Bible ($50 HB) for $9.99. That means for five grand theological works, I could have spent about $550-650 just on the hardcover books alone, but I ended up only having to spend $12 to get the same material. In other words, like I said: the Kindle pays for itself.  So let's say I bought all the hardcover versions of these books (which I would have).  Take how much the cost total:  $550.  Subtract the price of the Kindle ($260).  Also subtract the total amount of money I've spent on the books in question ($12).  260+12=272.  550-272=278.  Therefore, instead of blowing $260, I've actually saved more than the unit is worth ($278).  And that's only naming 5 of the works out of the 61 I have on it now.  That's pretty good numbers where I'm from.

      "I Don't Know if I Can Stare at a Computer Screen that Long..."

      This is one of the major detractions I hear when discussing the Kindle, but please allow me to put that fear to rest. The Kindle is developed with a screen that uses a technology called "e-ink". This is not your typical computer screen like you're probably reading this article off of now. The following is a crude analogy, but you can think the screen like that of an etch-a-sketch but a million times better. I remember the first time I saw the screen, I was in James White's office, and I thought the thing was turned off even though there were words on the screen. It just has a way of just having the words there without much "noise" from anything else going on within the screen or the unit itself. It's very easy on the eyes. The truth is, now that I've been reading on e-ink, again, I believe I prefer it to the traditional book. The background of the screen has a semi-grey tint to it that just makes it easier on my eyes than that of the traditional white/off-white backgrounds of most traditional books. I have longer stamina when reading a lot in one sitting, and I believe this is why. I also attribute this to the weight of the device.  As I said, I currently have 61 books on mine (most are large theological works that number up to 800 pages each).  I'm able to carry all this around with me at all times in a device that weighs only 10.2 ounces.  That's less than the average paperback.

      "What If I Lose My Kindle?  Do I Lose the Books I've Bought, Too?"

      The answer to this question is a relieving "No."  You do not lose the books you purchase on Amazon.  They are backed up on your account so you can send them to your Kindle at any time.  I was even toying around with Kindle for PC, and the books I purchased from Amazon were automatically recognized and showed up there without me having to put forth any effort.  Amazon is well aware of the potential hazard there, and they've made provisions to ensure it isn't a catastrophe were that to take place.  For the books you get elsewhere like Archive.org, I would make a folder on your computer and keep them there for safe keeping.  That way you don't have to redownload oodles of books.  You could just transfer them over with a copy and paste via a usb cable.  The mobi files from Archive.org are relatively small, too, so they won't take up much space on your harddrive.  Speaking of harddrive, I have 61 books on my Kindle.  It starts out with 1500mb of storage.  I'm down to 1360mb.  Storage space on the Kindle isn't a problem to say the least.

      "I Just Love the Feel And Look of Traditional Books..."

      I've heard this objection to the Kindle as well.  One thing I've learned since yesterday when I first posted my statement about preferring Kindle eBooks over original ones is all of the many things people use books for other than reading.  People told me that they love the smell, touch, feel, companionship, etc. of traditional books, and they just can't bring themselves to give that up for an electronic book.  I heard one person say that the ebook is impersonal.  I'm not going to argue this point.  If you as a reader need all of these factors considered when you sit down with a book (or even if you just want to look at it sitting on your shelf) that is simply your prerogative, and I can honestly say that when I was first introduced to the notion of an eBook, I had the same reservations.  However, I believe the best way this objection can be met will be by one actually using the Kindle for a significant amount of time (I'd say a day minimum).  Those worries actually left me the more I quit admiring all the empirical things about a book and actually found that I was able to get more into what the books that I own actually say.  In short, if you need a book for aesthetic reasons to touch, feel, taste, pet, etc. because you need that sense of companionship and/or you'd like to win friends and influence people when they enter a specific room in your house the few times (if that) they visit your house during your lifetime, then the traditional book is the way to go.  If you need a book for the purpose of actual reading, the Kindle is the way to go.

      "So What Can You Say in Your Conclusion to Convince Me to Get a Kindle?"

      I was asked this, but I'm not sure that I can have one end all quote to give you that will make you realize what an invaluable asset to your studies this device really is.  Consider the facts I've spoken about already, and see if that's something you believe would be beneficial to you not only in your daily life, but more importantly and specifically, in your daily walk with the Lord.  If you don't believe it will be edifying, don't get it. If you're still skeptical, ask questions.  If you're sold on it, I've provided a link at the bottom you can just click on and buy it outright.  Like I said, I love mine, and I've even considered getting rid of some of my hardcovers now that I have many of them on my Kindle.  It would certainly give me more space to work with.  I also got the Belkin Neoprene Case for it.  I'll talk more about this after the link to the Kindle.  I have the 6" version of the Kindle, by the way.  There is also a DX available that has a larger screen.  I have not used the DX yet.

      If you get this, you're going to need a case for it. There's no way around it. What Amazon delivers to you is the Kindle, the wall charger and a folding instruction manual. That's it. The case is the only thing I foresee that you'd really need. For that, allow me to suggest the Belkin Neoprene Case. This is the one I got for Christmas. It is compact and sturdy. It also has a good synthetic leather wrapping around it allowing for a better grip. There are different cases out there, though. James White has one that allows the Kindle to be clamped at all times to the case. If that's what you'd like, Amazon has their own leather case, and there are also various other types to choose from. However, if you like to use your Kindle freely in your hand like myself, I don't think you can go wrong with the Belkin. Here's the link to it. (If you click on this link and look at the bottom of the page, you should see that someone has done a video review of this case. I agree with his points.)


      RIGHTLY DIVIDED | Episode 3: The Historic Arminian View of the Atonement with guest Eric Holmberg

      Thursday, December 17, 2009

      What do Arminians believe historically about Jesus Christ's atonement on the Cross? The answer to that question may surprise you. This and more is discussed in this edition of Rightly Divided with guest Eric Holmberg.

      Eric Holmberg's website:

      Here's the video mentioned in the introduction of this video about the Amazing Grace DVD.


      December 2009 Resource of the Month | The White Horse Inn

      Tuesday, December 8, 2009

      The White Horse Inn is a treasure trove of commentary and sound, biblical teaching.

      To watch videos of past shows here on Youtube (this is being modified by the hour), click here.

      To access the show's website, click here:

      To access the url to subscribe to the podcast, click here.


      Get Lane's Blog Merchandise and Help Alpha and Omega Ministries at the Same Time!

      Thursday, December 3, 2009

      I've been meaning to shoot a video about this for some time now, but given my exams are the next two weeks, I'm not sure when I'll be able to so I want to get this out as soon as possible.

      Carla Rolfe of blogging and CafePress fame has created three different lines of merchandise for "Lane's Blog", "Lane's Vlog", and "Rightly Divided". The best part about this is that all of the proceeds that are made with the sale of anything here is going directly to fund the expenses of James White's Alpha and Omega Ministries. For those of you who are not aware, James White is a Christian apologist who debates Roman Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and other non-Christian groups. He's also recently taken up Muslim apologetics which includes meeting with a tutor to learn the Arabic language! You can find out more about Alpha and Omega Ministries here.

      In my mind, this is a win, win situation. For those of you who'd like to share the Youtube page to your friends and family, the t-shirts and things are a great conversation starter. For those of you who would like to contribute to Dr. White's ministry, here's also a great chance to do that.

      I will say this, though: Honestly, the t-shirts and things are priced higher than what I'd pay for a t-shirt by itself. However, when I recognize that all the proceeds are going to AOMinistries, it makes sense to me.

      So, once again, here's your chance to get a little merchandise and help a worthy ministry at the same time. Thanks, Carla!


      Video #5 from the Archive
      [Youtube Archive Week at Lane's Blog]

      Friday, November 27, 2009

      Here is video #5 from the Youtube archive for this week.

      "Defining and Defending Authentic Christianity"

      "For the Christian, defending the faith isn't an option. It's a solemn responsibility."

      "It should be obvious if you think about it. Claiming to be a Christian doesn't make you a true follower of Christ anymore than calling yourself a vegetarian makes you one regardless of what you believe or do. In order to be a Christian, you must submit yourself completely to Christ and believe the Bible and its teachings."

      - Eric Holmberg

      The Apologetics Group


      Video #4 from the Archive
      [Youtube Archive Week at Lane's Blog]

      Thursday, November 26, 2009

      Here's video #4 from the archive for this week. This one is in honor of Thanksgiving.

      "It's God's; Not Yours"

      This is a good reminder as to who's fwench fwies we all have regardless of where we are in life.



      Video #3 from the Archive
      [Youtube Archive Week at Lane's Blog]

      Wednesday, November 25, 2009

      Here is video #3 from the Youtube archive.

      "The Milky Way" (Jeff Noblit)

      "You have milky churches that demand milky preachers, preach milky sermons to milky Christians who desire to have their bottles refilled with formula each week that they might nurse themselves back to sleep and satisfy their lactose dependency.... It all comes from this idol of glorying in shallowness which I'm calling the Milky Way."

      - Jeff Noblit
      Here is Pastor Jeff Noblit preaching about The Milky Way. What is the Milky Way? This verse will give you some idea of it:

      Of whom we have many things to say, and hard to explain, seeing you are dull of hearing. For when for the time you ought to be teachers, you have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of solid food. For every one that uses milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe. But solid food belongs to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.
      (Heb 5:11-14)


      (A special thanks to Josh Briggs at Anchored in Truth for offering to get this sermon ripped to video for me.)


      Video #2 from the Archive
      [Youtube Archive Week at Lane's Blog]

      Tuesday, November 24, 2009

      Here is video #2 from the archive for this week.

      "Does Your Church Only Teach Parts of the Truth?"

      "A half-truth masquerading as the whole truth becomes a complete untruth."

      - J.I. Packer



      Youtube Archive Week at Lane's Blog

      Monday, November 23, 2009

      Many people are new to the Youtube channel and not familiar with the older videos. I will feature one a day this week from the archive.

      Here's video #1 from the archive.

      "If Calvinism is True, Why Evangelize?"

      "God has called me to preach His word and if I knew that all the elect had a yellow stripe painted down their backs, then I would give up preaching the Gospel and go and lift up shirt tails!"

      - Charles Haddon Spurgeon

      You can purchase this DVD Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism at The Apologetics Group's Official Website.


      November 2009 Resource of the Month | "The Mortification of Sin" by John Owen [Free MP3 Audio Book]

      Tuesday, November 17, 2009

      Are you a Christian who struggles with sin? Are there any Christians who don't struggle with sin? How are we to mortify this sin? Is it even possible to mortify sin? These questions and more are answered in the wonderful book "The Mortification of Sin in Believers" by John Owen.

      Here's the link for the Free MP3 audio book:

      Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LaneChaplin

      Here's a link if you'd like to purchase the book.


      The Facebook Page for Rightly Divided

      Monday, November 16, 2009

      There is now a Facebook page for Rightly Divided. There, you can view past and future episodes, get news about upcoming shows, and even view pictures from the show's inception to its current state. To view the page, please click the picture below.


      The True Cost and Benefits of Following Christ (Mark Kielar)

      Sunday, November 8, 2009

      Does following Jesus involve not much more than admiring Mac/PC commercial parodies, owning an iPod, and listening to Christian pop, or is there a Biblical definition of what it means to follow Christ? Did Christ, Himself, define in Scripture what true followers of Christ would face? True Christians: Are you suffering persecution and being called "divisive" because you've dared to question your "pastor's leadership vision"? Have you wondered why this is, and if you're really in the wrong Biblically? If you've ever had these questions and haven't been sure about the correct answers to them, you should listen to this sermon.

      This sermon is by Pastor Mark Kielar of First Baptist of Boynton Beach. You can find out more about his ministry at http://www.firstboynton.com


      SermonIndex's Revival Conference Nov. 13-14th Streaming Live

      Sunday, November 1, 2009

      You'll be able to watch the SermonIndex Conference with Paul Washer streaming here (The following text is written by SermonIndex):

      Here's where it's being held:
      November 13-14th (4pm Start on Friday).
      Unit 2B Ballyboggan Industrial Estate
      Ballyboggan Road
      Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland


      Paul Washer's Testimony

      HT: Truth Matters


      RIGHTLY DIVIDED | Episode 2: Defining and Defending Historic Evangelicalism with guest Phil Johnson

      Sunday, October 25, 2009

      These days, it seems like everyone declares themselves to be evangelical, but what does this term really mean? Does it have any historical basis? Who are some that are calling themselves evangelical that really aren't, and why is it important to defend the historic position? Is "Evangelicalism" in a worse state today spiritually than Roman Catholicism was at the time of the Reformation? These questions and more are answered in this edition of Rightly Divided with guest Phil Johnson.

      Here are the two articles from Pyromaniacs we reference during the show:
      Link 1)
      Link 2)

      Here is the lecture Phil gave several years ago at the Shepherd's Conference on the subject of Evangelicalism.

      Phil Johnson is the director of John MacArthur's Grace to You ministry, and he also runs the blog Pyromaniacs.

      To access past episodes and where the future episodes will be posted, click the picture below.


      The Problem of "God's Middle Knowledge"

      Saturday, October 24, 2009

      Last night, I had the privilege of hearing Dr. James White expound on the issue of "God's middle knowledge". In short, God's middle knowledge is a concept that was formed by the Jesuits after the Reformation to counter the Reformation and is being promoted today by such apologists as William Lane Craig. Dr. White gave two sessions last night. The first was a brief look at the Biblical doctrine of God's providence. The second was an actual explanation and refutation of the doctrine of "God's middle knowledge." Both lectures are below for your edification.

      A Brief Look at the Doctrine of God's Providence

      An Explanation and Refutation of "God's Middle Knowledge"

      Finally, as with much anything these days, Susan could not be with us since she's still doing that basketball thing at UF. So, Dr. White and I sent a picture to cheer her up. :)


      Video of Christians Living Their "Best Life Now"

      Here are some Christians living their best life now! Oh, thank you Joel Osteen and the many wise leaders who share your insights for all of your wonderful words of encouragement! I'm so thankful to know that your words ring true throughout the world and not just in the middle to upper class suburbia where the people are able to provide the funds for you to continue doing what you do! Thanks to all the seeker-sensitive preachers who boldly take the pulpit each Sunday to make sure that brothers like the ones seen in this video have the encouragement they need to have something other than just an Americanized Consumer Gospel! (In case it's not coming through in my typing, everything written above is complete sarcasm. Watch the video below, and you'll realize why if you have even an ounce of sincerity in your soul. May our Lord protect and strengthen our persecuted brethren throughout the world, and lead us away from the Americanized Consumer "persecution" of such trite things "Christian pastors" receiving complaints about entertainment in the church. http://www.persecution.com )

      HT: Tony Miano


      October 2009 Resource of the Month | Puritan Picks

      Sunday, October 11, 2009


      From Puritan Picks' About Us section:
      "We are Christians who have been greatly encouraged by the writings of the Puritans. We have also been greatly encouraged by the increased amount of faithful video's and films being produced to equip the saints amongst a corrupt age of post-modern "Christianity."

      We live in a time where subjectivism, feelings, experience and pragmatism is exalted over the objective truth of God's word and a day where a different gospel is being preached in many modern "churches."

      Not only have we sought to compile a list of solid educational Christian videos; we have also sought to make them more accessible. These videos range from christian living to apologetics, theology, history, and various seminary grade curicullum. Oh and lets not forget the Christian movies, children's videos and cartoons."


      Please Support Pirate Christian Radio and Help Keep it on the Inter-Air!

      Sunday, October 4, 2009

      One of the podcasts that I listen to frequently is Pirate Christian Radio's Fighting for the Faith with Chris Rosebrough. Recently, a situation arose that has required Rosebrough to let us know of a need the internet radio station is facing. Here is that need in Rosebrough's words:

      Not many people know that PCR & F4F are financially underwritten in part by a very generous supporter. Unfortunately, that generous support will come to an end in February of 2010.

      Even though we are receiving donations from our listeners, selling books and making some money from our advertising, this revenue does NOT cover all of our monthly expenses.

      Currently were are only able to operate because our generous supporter makes up the difference.

      But, as I've stated before that support is coming to an end in a few short months.

      We're not about to close up shop, pack our bags and go home. The reality is that if a small portion of our listening audience (1,000 listeners) gave $6.95 per month F4F & PCR would have all the revenue we need. And any support beyond that would then allow us to expand our operation.

      Therefore, today we're launching a new way for people to support F4F & PCR. That new way is via a recurring monthly contribution of $6.95.

      To give some perspective on that figure think of it this way.

      $6.95 can purchase 1 matinee movie ticket.

      $6.95 can purchase 1 King Sized Value Meal at Burger King

      $6.95 can purchase 2 Grande Mochas at Starbucks


      $6.95 can help produce 50 Hours of Fighting for the Faith & 168 hours of original programming on Pirate Christian Radio.

      Will you please join our crew by becoming one of the initial thousand listeners who will sign up to contribute $6.95 every month?

      If so, then click on this link.


      Thank you for your support and for listening,

      Chris Rosebrough

      Pirate Christian Radio has been instrumental in leading people out of the Emergent Church and "Seeker Sensitive" movements. It has been a wonderful tool for sharing with others the dangers of many other heresies that are now invading Christendom. Not only that, though, it has also been a great source for people to hear the Gospel truth. Rosebrough often has a segment on his show where he takes a passage of Scripture and exegetes it right before he does a "bad sermon review". Things like this are crucial because it not only shows the errors, but it also presents the Biblical answers to these errors. I recommend that you consider supporting Pirate Christian Radio for that small fee and help keep it on the inter-air.

      Below are two videos that I have featured on my Youtube account taken directly from Rosebrough's Fighting for the Faith show. This is just a taste of the material presented on the show daily.


      The Bracelets Are Now Available

      Thursday, September 24, 2009

      The first batch of bracelets have now arrived and are available for you. In case you missed the last post that I spoke about these in, the bracelets are white in color. On the outside of the bracelet, it has "W.H.J.D.?" (What Has Jesus Done?) and a link to my Youtube page along with the logo for the Youtube channel. On the inside, it has "1Cor 15:1-8" and "...white as snow". They're adult size (approx 8 inches). If you'd like to read the reason I had these made, you may do that at this post.

      As far as pricing goes, I decided to make these an even $2 which includes the cost of shipping. Here's the deal: I'm eating the cost on these. I'm not making a profit in the least at that price so if you'd like to donate more than that, it could potentially open it up to allow me to buy more of these and give them out to people. If you don't have the funds to get one but you'd still like one anyway, please let me know, and I'll get one out to you as quantities allow. I'm planning on going to Florida next week and would love to have a good batch of these to give out to people I meet there, but I simply can't handle the cost to have 100 or so of these made even at $2 a piece. If you'd like to donate more than the $2, you're more than welcomed to do so. Even if you don't want a bracelet, but you still want to donate some like some people have asked, that's fine.

      Here's how purchasing will work: Click on the donate button below. Place the amount you're giving in the donate box. Next, in the comment box (and this is important), put this:

      Quantity: [the quantity you desire]
      Address: [your mailing address along with your name]

      That's it. I will send you a confirmation email after I receive each request. I hope these prove to be profitable to God and furthers His Kingdom even if it is just even in a small increment. Who knows? Maybe He'll see fit to use it in a large way.

      For those of you who would like to promote this and/or share it with your friends, I've created a page just for this reason. You can access it here. When some of you get yours in, if you'd like to send me a picture of you wearing it, I'd be happy to put it on that page as well.


      The Gospel Driven Life by Michael Horton

      Wednesday, September 23, 2009

      Just last night, I got my copy of The Gospel Driven Life in the mail from Amazon. The Gospel Driven Life is Michael Horton's latest book, and it's a sequel of sorts to his wonderfully received book Christless Christianity. I haven't finished the book in 18 hours yet, but the portion I have read is wonderful. I suggest you get this if you can. Here's a good summary of the book courtesy of the introduction from the downloadable first chapter:

      "The goal of this book is to reorient our faith and practice as Christians and churches toward the gospel: that is, the announcement of God’s victory over sin and death in his Son, Jesus Christ. The first six chapters explore that breaking news from heaven, while the rest of the book focuses on the kind of community that this gospel generates in the world. It is not merely that there is a gospel and then a community made up of people who believe it; the gospel creates the kind of community that is even now an imperfect preview of the kingdom’s marriage feast that awaits us. The church is its own culture, not only with its distinct story and doctrine, but with its own “politics” and means. Consistent with the message that it proclaims, the church is receiving its life, identity, growth, and expansion from above rather than creating these for itself and from its own resources.
      Distinguished from all religions, spiritualities, and philosophies
      of life, the Christian faith is, at its heart, a gospel (meaning “Good
      News”). The church originates, flourishes, and fulfills its mission as
      that part of God’s world that has been redeemed and redefined by
      this strange announcement that seems foolish and powerless to the
      rest of the world. In other words, every believer—and the church
      corporately—has passed from death to life by being made a recipient
      of God’s activity.
      Following from Christless Christianity: The Alternative Gospel
      of the American Church, this book explores the greatest story ever
      told and the surprising ways in which God is at work, gathering a
      people for his feast in a fast-food world. With The Gospel-Driven
      Life, we turn from the crisis to solutions, in the hope that we will see
      a new reformation in the faith, practice, and witness of contemporary
      The Good News is not just a series of facts to which we yield our
      assent but a dramatic narrative that replots our identity. Think of
      it in terms of a theatrical play. Each week we come to church with
      our own scripts. If yours is anything like mine, it’s “the show about
      nothing.” Yet God descends to give us a new script: a rich plot in
      which our original character dies and is raised with the lead character.
      Instead of trying to find a supporting role for God in our play, God
      writes us into his script as part of a growing cast for his new world.
      This script does not offer a blueprint for a new creation, if we will
      only follow certain steps for realizing it. Instead, through this gospel
      the Spirit sweeps us into the drama, into the new creation that has
      already been inaugurated. No longer “in Adam,” under the reign of
      sin and death, we are “in Christ.”
      The book is divided into two sections: Looking Up, Looking Out
      and Looking Around, Looking Ahead. I’ve chosen to use a number
      of “news” metaphors in this book—“breaking news,” “front-page,”
      “headlines”—to emphasize both the urgency of the gospel and the
      surprising, unexpected means by which God communicates it to us.
      We don’t find the truth about God, ourselves, or the world by looking
      within, but by being drawn outside of ourselves. Having been
      turned inside out, we look up in faith toward God and out toward our
      neighbors in loving service and witness. Surprising news has a way of
      focusing us on something “out there” in the real world rather than on
      our own assumptions, experiences, and speculations. Only the Spirit,
      working through the gospel, has this kind of power to bring about a new
      creation in the midst of the old. Gradually, we discover that the world
      outside is more interesting than the inner world of narcissistic preoccupation.
      It is a liberation that we never expected, much less achieved
      for ourselves. It’s a gift. It is the marriage supper that is promised in the
      gospel and of which the Spirit gives us a foretaste in this present age.
      While our consumer culture offers instant gratification in drive-thru
      spiritualities, the gospel seats us at the table with Abraham, Isaac, and
      Jacob, as the Triune God serves us with his heavenly gifts.
      A new reformation requires both a change in our message and our
      methods. It’s not only our beliefs, but our personal and corporate
      practices, that must change. If our churches today are focused on our
      action, piety, and world-transforming agendas, then the crying need
      of our day is to recover the focus on Christ as the host and the meal
      that delivers forgiveness, new life, and genuine transformation in a
      world that is literally wasting away.
      Like Christless Christianity, this book is written for a wide audience
      of Christians who are burned out on hype and are looking for
      hope. It especially targets younger laypeople, parents, and pastors
      who want to see their own lives and their churches become more
      gospel centered."
      Here's a link to find out more about the book including places to purchase it and download the first chapter, and here's "the official" Lane's Blog seal of approval. :) :


      Do You Want a Bracelet?

      Saturday, September 19, 2009

      Here are two pictures of a prototype of a bracelet I'm thinking about making available. It's a rough draft so to speak. On the front it says, "W.H.J.D.?" (What Has Jesus Done?). Underneath, on the inside, it says, "...white as snow" and "1Cor 15:1-8". On the bottom it has the icon to my blog along with the url to the Youtube page. You can see the two pictures of the outside of the bracelet below. Please let me know if you'd be interested in getting one if I get them made. I am going to get them in bulk so I need to know if there's interest before I get them.

      Here's my reasoning for having these bracelets made:

      I have one that I wear now that doesn't have the url on there. It just has "W.H.J.D.?" and "...white as snow." I've had it now for a week, and I've already had people ask me "why the "H"?" It's provided wonderful opportunity to explain the Gospel to them in a term of historical fact that we can trust instead of the imperative "WWJD?" that just leaves commands that one must do. It's the difference between good news and good advice. (HT: White Horse Inn) Believing in the good news saves a person. Believing in good advice doesn't. So that's the main drive in having these. I decided to include the url to the Youtube channel on the back so people can have a place they can reference people to hopefully hear more of the good news. Finally, I put the "...white as snow" and "1Cor 15:1-8" on the inside of the bracelet to remind us what Jesus has done in case we ever want to start working to our own works instead of the glorious salvation He merited for us on the Cross.


      BlogCast of the Week: Apologetics.com

      Thursday, September 3, 2009

      This week's BlogCast of the Week is...


      Apologetics.com is two things. One it is a website that is devoted to defending the faith against such things as secular philosophy. The other is a radio show that airs midnights PST on KKLA 99.5 FM Los Angeles. I've actually been on this show several times now with such guests as Doug Eaton, Dr. James White, and Pastor Kent Moorlach of Communion Presbyterian in CA. In fact, tomorrow night (Friday Sept. 3, 2009) at midnight PST, it's going to a Trinity Law School special edition episode! (Sort of.)

      Actually, the dean of my lawschool, Donald McConnell, Doug Eaton, and myself will be on there without any of the normal hosts, Chris Neiswonger and Lindsay Brooks, to discuss the issue of "Christianity and the Law". If that's too late for you, don't worry. It's actually too late for me, too, but I'll find a way to stay awake. The podcast should be up soon, and I'll share it here when it is, Lord willing. If you'd wish to listen (and you have insomnia which might be the only reason someone on the east coast is up that late), you may go to the website, http://www.kkla.com , at midnight PST and listen in streaming. Please click the picture below to go to the Apologetics.com website in the meantime.

      Also, here's one podcast I was on about a year ago discussing the Reformation with Doug Eaton and Kent Moorlach. The hosts were there as well (Neiswonger and Brooks).


      A Just God
      (Charles Haddon Spurgeon)

      Wednesday, September 2, 2009


      The 7th Commandment on Hollywood Blvd.
      (Tony Miano)

      Monday, August 31, 2009

      My friend, Tony Miano, confronted a group of pornographers on Hollywood Blvd. God bless Tony.


      Charles Finney and the Heresy of American Pelagianism
      (White Horse Inn)

      Tuesday, August 25, 2009

      From WhiteHorseInn.org:

      "Why have the doctrines of grace been so difficult to take root in the American soil? What is it about the way we think and act as a people that makes Pelagianism so common, if not our very "default setting?" On this edition of the White Horse Inn, the hosts will continue their discussion of Pelagianism, with a particular focus on its influence in American religion and practice."

      For the first video in this series that gives more of a history and defines Pelagianism, click here

      What is Pelagianism? According to Philip Schaff:

      "There is, therefore, according to this system, no original sin, and no hereditary guilt. Pelagius merely conceded, that Adam, by his disobedience, set a bad example, which exerts a more or less injurious influence upon his posterity. He was also inclined to admit an increasing corruption of mankind, though he ascribed it solely to the habit of evil, which grows in power the longer it works and the farther it spreads. Sin, however, is not born with man; it is not a product of nature, but of the will. Man is born both without virtue and without vice, but with the capacity for either. The universality of sin must be ascribed to the power of evil example and evil custom." (Schaff, op. cit., p. 806)

      In other words, man in his nature is basically a good person from birth. Even though the Bible says, "There is none good, no not one", Pelagius says in so many words, "There are some good, yes some." This along with various other teachings including a denial of penal substitutionary atonement makes the theology of Pelagianism heresy.

      Here are some links to more information from this show:

      Show Commentary

      More Resources for the Show (Scroll down to the July 13, 2008 show)


      RIGHTLY DIVIDED | Episode 1: Does Reformed Theology Matter? with guest Dr. James White

      Sunday, August 23, 2009

      Does Reformed Theology matter? Some say that it's irrelevant, and all that we should care about is getting people to make decisions for Jesus. Others say that if being careful and exact with your theology is important to you, you're worshiping an idol and need to repent of your idolatry. So do these people have real claims or does the theology that you hold to really matter (in particular whether you hold to Reformed Theology)? Dr. James White gives some insight on how Reformed Theology affects one's apologetic, worship of God, and everyday life as a believer and why Reformed Theology is the most consistent and effective way to defend Biblical Christianity here on the first edition of Rightly Divided.

      Further episodes of Rightly Divided will be able to be found here in the future.



      BlogCast of the Week: Cal.vini.st

      Friday, August 21, 2009

      The final BlogCast for this week is going to be...


      This is a wonderful site that has a devotion to sound Reformed theology. One of my favorite features on there are the "five points of interest" that show you five links around the internet to some current event that is going on within the Reformed community (and some that have nothing at all to do with Reformed Theology but are interesting nonetheless ie. Google Chrome in Dominos :) ). I've had the privilege of speaking with the owner of the blog, Nathan Bingham, some, and I sincerely appreciate his dedication and participation in the land of the internet. (If you'd like to follow him on Twitter, you may do so by clicking here.)

      To give you a taste of what this blog has to offer, I'm going to link to a two part interview Nathan recently did with James White. Keep in mind, though, this is only a taste of the wonderful things that come out of that blog. Thanks for all your hard work, Nathan!

      Interview Part 1 || Part 2

      You can get to the blog by clicking the picture below.


      Rightly Divided is Almost Here...

      Thursday, August 20, 2009

      Coming soon.

      Link to the playlist where all the video episodes will be hosted (you'll also be able to find this on my Youtube profile page).

      Some people have asked me what camera I shoot my videos with. I use a Sony Webbie HD. In this video, I shot the footage of myself talking and the basketball footage was also shot on it. I highly recommend it especially since it shoots so well and only costs $180. It rocks. You can get one here.


      Christian "Dating" (Mark from ProclaimHisWord Interviews Susan and Myself)

      Wednesday, August 19, 2009

      Mark from ProclaimHisWord interviewed Susan and myself on the issue of Christian "dating". Although the term "dating" is used, we mainly focus on what it should be namely courtship.


      The Irresistible God (Jim McClarty)

      Tuesday, August 18, 2009

      Reformed Theology says that God's grace is irresistible, but in this sermon Pastor Jim McClarty argues that all of God's attributes are inherently irresistible. This sermon walks through four proofs of God's sovereign control:

      (1) God describes Himself as irresistible
      (2) Prophecy proves His irresistibility
      (3) God's actions and activity prove His irresistibility
      (4) Salvation proves that God is indeed irresistible

      This sermon also addresses the common use of Acts 7:51 as an argument against God's sovereignty and in favor of the theory of libertarian freedom.

      This sermon was recorded at the 26th annual Sovereign Grace Bible Conference, held yearly at Main Street Baptist Church in Lexington, KY. The website is: www.sovereigngracebibleconference.org This particular message was preached on Wednesday, August 5, 2009. http://www.salvationbygrace.org


      BlogCast of the Week: ReformedVoices.com

      Monday, August 17, 2009

      Sorry, folks. I missed doing a BlogCast of the Week (BotW) last week. My girlfriend, Susan, was in town for the week and it was only a few of the 25 or so days out of the year that I'll get to see her until next May so I got a little sidetracked. Since this is the case, I'm going to do two BotW's this week. Expect the next one Friday.

      The first BlogCast of the Week is...


      I've known the author of this blog, Philip, for sometime now. In fact, if it wasn't for Philip, I'm not sure if I would have been introduced to the wonderful ministry of Jim McClarty. I didn't mention this in the last post, but it's Philip and Ben from SymphonyofScripture that I can credit with most of the graphics you see on this site and the Youtube page. They have truly both been a profound blessing to my life.

      The posts Philip brings each time are very edifying. There, you can find a plethora of quotes, videos, and even contests to win books. I highly recommend his blog and think that you would do well to visit there often. Click the picture below if you'd like to go there now. Thanks, Philip!


      August & September 2009 Resource of the Month with Eric Holmberg and Other Guests (Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism)

      Wednesday, August 12, 2009

      Folks, I cannot stress enough how important this DVD is, and how much it should be part of your library. It's that good. Thanks to Eric Holmberg and everyone presented within for helping make this Resource of the Month video.

      Link to purchase the DVD

      Study Guide for Amazing Grace

      From TheApologeticsGroup.com:
      "Just what is "Calvinism?" Does this teaching make man a deterministic robot and God the author of sin? What about free will? If the church accepts Calvinism, won't evangelism be stifled, perhaps even extinguished? How can we balance God's sovereignty and man's responsibility? What are the differences between historic Calvinism and hyper-Calvinism? Why did men like Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, Whitefield, Edwards and a host of renowned Protestant evangelists deny the Arminian definition of free will and label it heresy? Why did the Roman Catholic Church condemn the Reformed teaching of predestination and election and embrace free will theology? And why do so many Protestants, perhaps unwittingly, agree with Rome on this issue?

      Amazing Grace - The History and Theology of Calvinism is the first video documentary that answers these and other related questions. This fascinating three-part, four-hour presentation is detailed enough so as to not gloss over the controversy. At the same time, it is broken up into ten "Sunday-school-sized" sections to make the rich content manageable and accessible for the average viewer."

      Clips from Amazing Grace:
      Clip 1
      Clip 2
      Clip 3
      Clip 4
      Clip 6

      Links to the Youtube Channels of people who Participated in This Video:

      Tony Miano

      Mark Sennett

      Douglas K. Adu-Boahan

      Susan Yenser

      Leon Brown

      Mark Aponte

      Doug Eaton

      Pastor Jim McClarty
      (Many of Pastor Jim's sermon excerpts can be found here as well: http://www.youtube.com/diligentile )



      A Conversation with Susan Yenser and Mark from ProclaimHisWord

      Tuesday, August 11, 2009

      Today, my friend, Mark Sennett from ProclaimHisWord came back to Trinity Law School to interview my girlfriend, Susan Yenser. Susan has a unique testimony of growing up believing she was a true believer, but instead dabbling in much of the "seeker-sensitive" movement. The Lord saw fit to save her from that about three years ago. Here is her testimony:


      Always Be Ready [Week 1] (Mark Kielar)

      Friday, August 7, 2009

      "But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: "
      (1Pe 3:15)

      As Christians, one of the things we are required to do is "always be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within you." Sadly, many Christians when asked to give a reasoned answer believe that an answer alone will suffice. This results in "Jesus is risen from the dead" being just as justifiable as "Dumbo the Elephant lives in my attic" if one does not have to give a reasoned answer for what they believe. This sermon, the first in a series, by Mark Kielar encourages believers to always be ready to give a reasoned answer not just a rote reply when asked about the hope that lies within us.

      Pastor Mark pastors at First Baptist of Boynton Beach. My sincere thanks goes to Pastor Keith Baker there for helping make these sermons available for me to post here and share with others. They have a great website:


      BlogCast of the Week: Symphony of Scripture

      Wednesday, August 5, 2009

      For the first week that I'm doing this feature, I've decided to chose a blog to share with you all. The blog is called "Symphony of Scripture." In it, you will always find a healthy dose of theological resources whether they be quotes, articles, videos, etc. I have had the privilege of knowing the owner of the blog, Ben Davis, for a few years now, and I must say that he is a very faithful brother who seeks to be not only wise with what he posts, but also precise in his theology so there is no ambiguity as to what he believes or where he stands on certain issues. Over the years, I'm not sure if he realizes this or not, but he's given me great encouragement by doing what might be considered merely small things like posting a quote on his Facebook page that spoke directly to the situation I was facing that particular day. I find that many of his posts at SOS do exactly the same. So, with that, here is the first submission of the Lane's Blog BlogCast of the Week. Please click the picture below to go there.


      BlogCast of the Week: New Feature on the Blog!

      Tuesday, August 4, 2009

      After receiving great feedback from the Resource of the Month videos I've been doing on Youtube for the past five months, I've decided to expand this concept a little further, but this one will be done exclusively on this blog. I'm calling it the "BlogCast of the Week". The reason I'm naming it the "Blogcast" is because each week I'll be highlighting either one website, blog, or podcast that I find very helpful and believe would help you in your walk immensely. So, Thursday, check back here if you'd like for the first "BlogCast of the Week".

      Press on, Saints!


      Twitter, Meet Lane. Lane, Twitter.

      Wednesday, July 29, 2009

      At much of the chagrin of certain 5'10" female Florida University basketball players :), I decided to join Twitter yesterday. I have been doing status updates for a long time now on Facebook, and figured I could do it there just as well. You can find my profile and "follow" me by clicking the picture below.

      Here's the url if you'd like to share it with others:


      A Conversation with Doug Eaton

      Tuesday, July 28, 2009

      Recently, two of my friends, Doug Eaton and Mark Sennett, sat down for Doug to share his testimony. I thought it would be pretty interesting for a lot of you who are familiar with Doug's videos. Of course, I may be biased since I eat lunch with him multiple times a week, play ball with him, and get beat often by his kids on the Wii. Who knows...? :)

      Seriously, though, he's a wonderful brother, and it's been my honor for a while now to not only know him as a brother but also a dear friend.

      Here's the link to his blog and Youtube channel.

      Here's the link to Mark's Youtube channel.


      Christ Commands to Make Disciples Not Returning Customers (Spurgeon and Mark Kielar)

      Monday, July 27, 2009


      Streamlining the Blog...

      Friday, July 24, 2009

      I've received several emails from people to the effect of: "Hey Lane, I really enjoy reading your blog, but it has so much stuff on the sidebar that it slows down my computer and takes forever to load!" I've listened, considered, and decided to remove a lot of the sidebar picture links and widgets that were there before so the blog will load a lot faster for you now. The links I've taken down have been included in the blogroll, but I may have missed one so if I have, please let me know. Just, whatever you do, don't think I've taken your picture link down because I feel you've sold out to seeker-sensitivism and other heresy. :)


      Office Hours with J.I. Packer and EvangelismTeam.com

      Thursday, July 23, 2009

      Last week, my friend, Leon, from EvangelismTeam.com had the privilege of interviewing Dr. J.I. Packer. They discussed several important issues here so I want to share it with you all.


      The Gospel According to the Heretic Pelagius (White Horse Inn)

      Wednesday, July 22, 2009

      One of the biggest heresies in the modern church today, I believe, is Pelagianism. What exactly is Pelagianism, though? Is this a modern invention or has this been around for quite a while? I get these questions often. Now, I provide this video of an episode of the White Horse Inn where they tackle this subject and provide answers to many of the questions that are posed to me from inquisitive minds.


      Are You God-Centered or Self-Centered? (Mark Kielar)

      Monday, July 20, 2009


      Does God Treat Men Differently?

      Sunday, July 19, 2009


      Boredom, Self-Denial, and the Christian Life

      Friday, July 17, 2009


      The Wonder of it All! (Jeff Noblit)

      Wednesday, July 15, 2009

      Repentance, salvation, grace, and forgiveness are very often terms that are confused by many. Here, Jeff Noblit drives home why these theological terms are not just theological terms but a true blessing for the believer in Christ.


      July 2009 Resource of the Month

      Thursday, July 2, 2009

      This month's resource of the month is C.H. Spurgeon's classic devotional, "Morning and Evening." (I apologize for the wind in the background to this video. It happens sometimes when you're filming outside and don't have much time to reshoot the video.)

      Here are some links to get this book:

      Free Online Reading




      June 2009 Resource of the Month with guest Dr. James White

      Sunday, May 31, 2009

      Here is the link to get the book.


      "Sue and Lane Were on the Dividing Line...?"

      Wednesday, May 27, 2009

      Yes, last Tuesday (5/19/09), my girlfriend, Susan, and I were on James White's The Dividing Line. Here's the link to the show for anyone interested. (You can listen to it in its entirety by clicking on either picture below or above and downloading the mp3.)


      Encouragement for Faithful YouTubers

      Wednesday, May 13, 2009

      Many of us put videos on Youtube without any idea of the impact they make. This video was made to remind those faithful ones who are putting up quality videos on Youtube to continue in their efforts because you never know who you reach on a daily basis.


      "You Follow Calvin? Well, I Follow Christ!"

      Monday, May 4, 2009

      Doug nails it.


      "How Do I Get on Your Blogroll, Lane?"

      Thursday, April 30, 2009

      I get this question sometimes so here's what you do:

      Request it. If it's a site I like, I'll post it.
      (Sorry, this excludes porn and other unsuitable sites.)

      *If you're already linking here, and you're not on
      my blogroll, please let me know, and I'll add you accordingly.
      You may request to be added in the comment section.


      My Testimony

      Monday, April 27, 2009

      Mark from ProclaimHisWord came again to Trinity Law School, and we shot this video. Here is about 8 minutes of my testimony and about a minute explaining what place I believe the Christian testimony has in relation to the Gospel.


      Ms. USA, Homosexual Marriage and The Bible

      Saturday, April 25, 2009



      Is Your Devotion Like That of the Old Paths? {fixed 4.24.09}

      Tuesday, April 21, 2009


      Videos Coming in May 2009

      Monday, April 20, 2009

      Some of you may be wondering why this blog hasn't been updated in a while. In short, it's just plain being pressed for time. Exams for law school are coming up and BarBri essays just finished so I've been pretty busy. For that reason also, videos that I've wanted to get up and on Youtube have been postponed. Gladly, though, after May 7th, I'll have a good bit of time to make those videos and put them on Youtube. To "tie you over" until then, here's a list of the upcoming projects that will hopefully be posted by the end of May.

      1. Right Facts; Wrong Conclusions (Apologetics.com with Lindsay Brooks and guests Dr. James White and Lane Chaplin)


      - This was a show we did right before James White's debate with Bart Ehrman on textual criticism. Dr. White went into many of the texts that are often brought up by Ehrman in his campaign against Christianity. It was a very helpful show that could be thought of as a companion piece to the debate because there were things that were brought up in the 2 hour show that were not addressed in the debate. Needless to say, I did *ALOT* more listening than I did talking in this show. :)

      2. Kung Fu Panda "Sermon" Review (Fighting for the Faith with Chris Rosebrough and guest Lane Chaplin)


      - This was another 2 hour show where Chris and I took a "sermon" from the original "30 Day Sex Challenge Pastor" called "Kung Fu Panda" and reviewed it on the show. It was hilarious, but it was also helpful for those who are struggling with the fact that they can't find much of anything biblical in these "Purpose Driven/Seeker Sensitive" businesses. We also addressed some ridiculous news items toward the beginning. This show has a lot of laughs and was fun to be on.

      3. Logical Fallacies in Evangelism (Ambassador's Alliance Radio with Tony Miano and guest Lane Chaplin)


      - This was about a 30 minute section of the Ambassador's Alliance radio program that I was on about a month ago addressing some of the logical fallacies we are faced with in evangelism and even some that we make ourselves. I pray this was helpful and have been told by several people that it was so I decided to put this up.

      4. May 2009 Resource of the Month

      - I'm putting together a few things for this one including a couple friends that will help with this video. It will be one that you all are probably familiar with in some respect even if you aren't aware that you are. Feel free to guess away in the comment section, but these lips are sealed!

      5. Along with these, I'm working with the associate pastor of First Baptist of Boynton Beach (Mark Kielar's church) to get a good many of his sermon videos to post on the site. I will also be posting several CrossTV clips and anything else I find of interest throughout the month.


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