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      The Tale of Two Crumbs
      (Perry Noble's "Preaching" vs. Jeff Noblit's - Which is Biblical?)

      Tuesday, October 28, 2008

      Many of you know my disdain for what is being called "Christianity" these days. I say emphatically that the "seeker" movement is akin to a narccistic, legalistitc cult at best, but I always like to substantiate what I say so I provide specific examples for you to make that decision for yourself. Today, I got to hear my friend, Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith, critique a sermon by a cowardly crumb in self-denial named Perry Noble. I say "cowardly" in the sense that he refuses to tell his populous the truth about the Gospel, their sin state, etc. but instead, caters to their egos. I say "in self-denial" because he doesn't view himself or other Christians as being fortunate enough to eat the crumbs that fall from the table of our Lord as the woman who told Jesus just that (Matt. 15:27), but instead, he believes that we deserve more.  I say "crumb" because, as you'll hear in this "sermon", Perry has no trouble calling people who have trouble dealing with members of the opposite sex "crumbs", but he doesn't believe this title applies to those who parade themselves as being "daring and dangerous" for Christ but refuse to preach much other than themselves so I figured I'd help him understand what exactly the definition of a crumb is since he chose to use the word.  The ironic part is that he's very vocal about how "daring and dangerous" he is, but he's only "daring and dangerous" when he's handling God's Word because he does it so poorly. The rest of the time, he's not "daring and dangerous" just obnoxious and reminds me of that kid that tried really, really hard to be cool at school and you'd be nice to because you felt sorry for him, but on the whole, you made it a point not to get too close to because you knew he doesn't listen to reason. Oh, the irony, little Noble. Considering this sermon that Chris critiqued today, I think I would be hard pressed to find a better example of the exact method of feeding people's narcissitc states of self-love than what Perry Noble "preached" here. It's hard to listen to. To know that I actually attended Perry's synagogue of self-esteem for a while years ago just goes to prove what the Lord can do with a miserable self-lover such as I.

      (The audio for "Paul Washer v. Perry Noble" starts at 39:00.
      The audio of Noble's "sermon" starts at 54:50.)
      (Thanks to Chris Rosebrough for providing this audio.)

      Now you may be asking, "What's with the title? I thought it was a tale of two crumbs." Ah, but it is. A while back, I was given permission to post a sermon by a preacher who pastors Paul Washer and his family named Jeff Noblit. The sermon was called, "Dogs, CRUMBS, and a Faith to Emulate." I kid you not. Examine the contrast of what we heard the instigator of ignorance, Perry Noble, say in the first life-talk with the sermon that follows. I believe you will see more and more how we are dealing with a legalistic, narcissitic cult in terms of the way they use Christ in different mediums and attribute different meanings to what His life and death actually mean.

      Dogs, Crumbs, and a Faith to Emulate (Jeff Noblit)

      Now, both of these people profess to be preachers, but which gave a sermon that was biblical and which gave a talk that's about as spiritually edifying as the advice you could get on Saved by the Bell back in the day?

      1 comment:

      Caron said...

      Well... I didn't mean to listen to the whole thing! But I did! And so did my 8 yr. old daughter - as she was building the "Great Wall of China" with her blocks, she kept making comments about what she was hearing! Thanks again, Lane!

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