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      This Kid is So Lame.

      Monday, September 15, 2008

      Let's say we're back in high school (if you're not now already). Let's say there is this kid who everyone knows craves attention and wants to be popular, but doesn't quite have that popularity and acceptance from his peers that he craves so. I'm sure we all have a mental picture at this point. Let's say that this person desires so much to be in the "in crowd" that he calls one of the people who he considers to be in it and asks them to call him back. Let's say that when the person in the "in crowd" does call back the kid, the kid goes around telling everyone that "so and so called HIM personally!" If you knew the truth about the reason why this person called him (returning a call) what would you think about this kid? Would you not think someone who called a certain person, had them return his phone call, then bragged to everyone that the person actually called them making it sound like the other person took the initiative was one of the lamest people you have ever met? I know I certainly would. If someone's desire to "be somebody" and "be accepted with a certain crowd" was that evident that they would be as lame to do such a thing, I think it would actually reveal how much of a nobody they actually are. With all that in mind, read this.

      and after you read that, watch this:


      1 comment:

      Sylvia said...

      Whosoever exalts himself shall be humbled. This guy is just sad. I can't stand listening to him, he talks like he has an enormous ego, like a really nice sweet guy who just happens to be better than you as you well know.

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