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      Seeker-Sensitive Islam is Here! "Ask Muhammad Into Your Heart Today!"

      Wednesday, August 6, 2008

      One of the foremost critiques I have about the "seeker"-sensitive movement and the basic Arminian altar-call church is that an unregenerate person can do the exact same things that someone who's been "declared saved" by someone else "in authority" could do even though Romans 8:8 says that those who are in the flesh cannot please God. It's a practice that I grew up with in my Southern Baptist Church where I lived in fear for years. I spent much of that time wondering if my trip down the aisle was meritorious enough for my salvation, if I should take the trip again, and why I felt guilty for having a dislike in my heart everytime a new couple would come and "join the church" by making the trip. Are altar-calls Biblical? No. In fact, if you go before Charles Finney about 200 years ago, you'll be hard pressed to find any, but if you go against them today, you're almost deemed to be a heretic by the proponents of the measure. I can say declaratively that my relationship with God did not grow significantly better until after I realized that regardless of what my profession was, if I did not have the possession of love for Jesus and genuine faith in him, the "prayer I prayed" was merely a clanging cymbal and my "walk down the aisle" was merely that of a blind man stumbling through the dark.

      If you are a Christian, you know that people who are not are unregenerate. If you don't believe that, you're not a Christian. It's a foundational tenet of our faith. How would you feel if you saw someone involved in something besides Christianity able to do the same basic things that someone who professes to be a Christian does in order "to be saved"? Would it alarm you that someone who professes something like say Islam which believes that Jesus wasn't crucified on the Cross and that He wasn't the Son of God, was able to go through the same basic measures to "justify" their faith as our modern day evangelical? I know it would alarm me. I know this not only from thinking this through, but, now, also from seeing it first hand and experiencing it. With a prayerful heart, watch this video from James White and ask yourself if the "prayer you prayed to ask Jesus into your heart" and the "walk you made in front of everyone to get saved" could not have been done in the name of someone else say... Muhammad... and mean just as much to you this day as if you hadn't done either of the deeds at all. If you're a Christian, this video will disturb you. If you're not disturbed and are professing to be a Christian test yourself to see if you are in the faith.

      Now please watch these two videos about the "make a decision for Jesus" type of evangelism that's permeating the lands these days and ask yourself, "Could not our time witnessing be used more effectively by omitting this process and being sincere instead?"

      Does Man's Decision Control the New Birth?


      1 comment:

      Puritan said...

      Good post. decisionism is a heresy that causes untold damage to the church and to people.

      On a side note I have seen first hand a seeker friend friendly/purpose driven version of Islam in the U.K. One Muslim girl I've been witnessing to through msn-messenger and email has on her messenger "Truly in the heart there is a sadness that cannot be removed except with the happiness of knowing Allah & being true to Him"

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