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      Adrian Rogers vs. James White on Calvinism
      (Radio Free Geneva)

      Sunday, August 10, 2008

      This is the second edition of Radio Free Geneva on Youtube. In this edition, Dr. James White critiques a sermon presented by Dr. Adrian Rogers that gives many of the fallacies and inconsistencies those who do not hold to the Reformed faith usually commit. These errors include believing that the word "foreknow" is a noun, taking out and changing words from Scripture like Matt. 23:37 to defend one's tradition, and thinking that unless a man's will is free, they are robots. This has been touted as very helpful by several people who have heard it because of Dr. White's refutations then explanations. The listener call-in section at around the last half hour or so is helpful, too. There was another part to this that was in a later episode of RFG. This should be posted soon.

      The original broadcast was August 31st, 2002.



      Turretinfan said...

      Please feel free to delete this comment, after you spell check the post's title.

      Lane Chaplin said...

      No bother, TurretinFan. I'll leave it up. I'm not above reproof! :P

      Thanks for pointing it out for me.

      Tim Brown said...

      Good post. I used to listen to Adrian Rogers years ago on Moody Radio but I don't remember ever hearing this. He had lots of good things to say but his theology on Election isn't part of it....

      Vern Charette Jr. said...

      I respect James White and have read many of his books, and I agree with him on many issues, especially his understanding of the New Perspective on Paul. Dr. White, however, is guilty of doing what he is accusing Dr. Rogers of. Dr. White, glosses over much of what Dr. Rogers said, only disagreeing and taking to task the parts of his discourse that he finds disagreeable. Dr. Rogers says much that Dr. White cannot disagree with, however, you don't hear him dealing with these things.

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