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      The Utter Depravity of Man

      Wednesday, July 2, 2008

      I saw the following clip last night and couldn't help but be enamored with how depraved the human race actually is. People who love their sin become so wicked and complacent that they do things like... watch people die right in front of them without even the first inclination of helping them.

      (WARNING: This video is disturbing.)

      Does the following video make more sense now?


      1 comment:

      Sam said...

      I agree wholeheartedly. Man is unbelievably wicked. Some samples of news stories I've read recently:
      -Boy beats baby to death because it was crying while he was watching TV

      -Young boy shoots teacher in the head because he wouldn't let him flirt with the girls in his class

      -Man savagely beats baby to death, completely ignoring bystanders and police who were trying to stop him. The police killed him.

      -Mom locks 8 year old in a cage and feeds her- yes, cannibalism- to the family.

      What humans are capable of is truly terrifying. I believe we are in the last days, and I believe God is going to start removing his restraining grace. I believe we will see mans depravity more and more openly displayed in the days to come. God help us.

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