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      More on the Abanes/Silva Fiasco...
      (Updated 7/28/08 8:45pm EST)

      Monday, July 28, 2008

      For those of you who are frequent readers of Apprising.org, you've noticed in the past few days that the site is no longer there. What you might not have known is the reason why it's not. You can read how Purpose Driven Apologist Richard Abanes threatened Ken Silva's internet company with the law if they were not going to take down an article many places, but Ingrid at Slice has a pretty good summary of the situation.

      I had the opportunity to talk with Ken for at least an hour and a half yesterday in which he expressed his thoughts about losing the domain to his internet ministry with this clear violation of 1Cor. 6:1-8. I can say conclusively after reviewing the facts that the termination was completely unwarranted. The reason the site was pulled was because of an article that was posted on Apprising in 2005. (Yes, that's right... 2005.) Abanes was making claims of slander and libel in this particular article, and the ISP IPOWER (who I would not only not recommend to people but would strongly advise not signing up with after they also lost all of Slice about a year ago without any apology to Ingrid whatsoever) sent Ken an email saying basically that he needed to pull the article or he'd be pulled. Ken rightfully didn't budge. Since the site is now gone, there was little hope that article would be available for others to view unless it was pulled in a cached form, but thanks to archive.org's Way Back Machine, the article has been salvaged in its entirety. You can read this article called "A Pastor's Assessment of Richard Abanes" in the email below and judge if there is libel or slander in it.

      I received this from Ken a little earlier today. His wishes are expressed here for anyone who is wanting to help clear Ken's name of any kind of "slander" or "libel".:

      Hello Lane,

      A couple of quick things for now because I've really been hit with a lot of stuff lately.

      1) The article "A Pastor's Assessment of Richard Abanes" can be linked from here:

      You have my permission to forward this to any contacts you have whom you think might be interested. The idea would be to get this out as far as possible and then people can see what Richard Abanes think is "slander."

      2) I've been told that there is press release from "Coalition of Concerned Bloggers" about this Abanes issue here:


      Other Links of Interest:

      Here's a link to the post Ken wrote which included the email Abanes sent to IPOWER before the site was taken down.

      I'm sure there is more to come.

      UPDATE 7/28/08 8:45pm EST:

      Apprising.org is back online using a different webhost.



      ~R said...

      So they are the same company that did that to Ingrids site. I remember when that happened. That was crazy too. Wow they have a terrible track record.

      Chris L said...

      While I agree that Abanes should have first attempted to deal with Ken privately, it was Ken's fault his site was deleted, since he was in violation of his ISP's ToS and since he chose to have it deleted rather than working out the issues over a single article.

      I say good riddance to bad rubbish...

      Barbara said...

      *scratching head* I never understood the mentality of people who threaten bloggers and then get all upset when people *cough* *cough* blog about it.

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