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      James White's Church History Series
      [49 mp3s]

      Wednesday, July 16, 2008

      My friend, Josh Whipps (also known as Razorskiss to us in #pros), recently took upon himself the task of converting all of James White's Church History series from Real Media format to mp3. Here is the list of the 49 mps, and here they are for you to download individually and share.:



      Greg said...

      When I go to the site, they still appear to be real audio files to me. I would greatly perfer the mp3s. Am I doing somthing wrong?

      Lane Chaplin said...

      Yes. There are two links on this post. One takes you to the original files so you can see what the file name is that corresponds with the mp3. The second link is where you click on the actual picture, and it takes you to the mp3s.

      Ragnar Mogård Bergem said...

      Great! Thanks!

      KyleinWI said...

      Are these lessons cut a little short at the end?? It seems like I am missing some good stuff. Like maybe 5-10 miuntes or so??

      DKyle Christner

      Lane Chaplin said...

      I'm not sure. I'll check with Josh about this.

      Μωσεύς said...

      These are GREAT! Love them!

      God bless,
      South Africa

      RazorsKiss said...

      I'm fixing the mp3s now. I'll post again when I have it fixed and reuploaded.

      Anonymous said...

      Link doesn't seem to be working anymore. Is this available in a new location now. Thanks

      Anonymous said...

      This series can currently be found at the following URL: http://hosted.razorskiss.net/mp3s/prbc/church_history/

      Although the quality of most (if not all) of the audio files leaves something to be desired, the content is extremely useful, and highly recommended.

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