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      Video of Todd Bentley Physically Assaulting Someone

      Friday, June 27, 2008

      Here is video of self-proclaimed "revivalist" Todd Bentley physically assaulting someone with stage four colon cancer all in the name of Jesus Christ. I'm not a psychologist, but I believe this is evidence enough to say that anyone who is still considering that this charlatan is legit needs to get their head checked. This is utter blasphemy.

      Here is Todd Friel critiquing Bentley's physical assault on Way of the Master Radio:

      Video HT: Way of the Master Radio
      Here are two more videos exposing this charlatan who, amazingly, is becoming "Rick Warren-esque" in terms of popularity with certain professing evangelicals:



      Caron said...

      Thanks, Lane. Did you hear Justin Peters on WOTM? Its archived as well as Justin's interview with Ingrid Schleuter on the WoF movement and Lakeland.

      I agree with Ingrid, that it is time for some police action. This man did not come up here to get hurt!

      Check out Justin's site. He is an incredible man and does an excellent job on exposing the WoF and the likes...

      His site is http://www.justinpeters.org and if you do check it out and I hope you do :) See: "demo." This is where Justin is giving an overview of his seminar at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

      Justin spoke at my church on this and comes highly recommended by my pastor, Dr. John MacArthur.

      God bless you, Lane!

      Anonymous said...

      Y'know Bro. Lane, if you are aware of Pentecostal/Charismatic history, then this is nothing new. Smith Wigglesworth was known to knock seven shades out of his victims to heal them.

      I don't think that I have heard more people use him as a defense for the violent nature of Bentley's ministry. I then have to retort that neither, IMHO, were/are men of God, and that they have/are wrecked/wrecking the faith of many

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