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      Two Pretty Big Announcements Regarding Me

      Friday, June 6, 2008

      The title of this post may be a little misleading because the first is particularly regarding me and the second will affect a few people, too. The first is...

      I got accepted to law school!

      Trinity Law School in Santa Ana, CA sent a letter of acceptance last week. I'm not sure if I could be more thankful to God for giving me this opportunity. I've wanted to go into law since I was a child. My parents always said I should because they say that I can argue a point into the ground. (I don't think they meant that favorably all the time, but I've realized in my later years that that's actually a good thing when dealing with such things as post-modernism.) In fact, my senior quote in the yearbook talks about plans for law school after college.

      Not only is Trinity a law school, it is a law school in the Augustinian tradition (natural law perspective). I got a recommended reading list with the acceptance letter and have been reading stuff by Plato and Aristotle on the laws and ethics among others since. It was also great that a lot of the books they recommend are books that I already own so accessing them isn't an issue. Here is a promo video for the school.

      That's the first announcement, and it needed to be made first because the second kind of derives from it. Because of the move across country (SC to CA) and the costs invovled in getting started in an endeavor like this, I've decided to clean out my library once again on eBay to help with the costs. I'm selling primarily books that I know I won't have a hard time finding again in the future. Most of these books, although easily accessible to one who is looking for them, are wonderful in substance (I can't speak on the Gary North book because I haven't read it). Once again, you have a chance to pick up some great books at possibly low prices at this link:

      Again, I'm thankful for being accepted and know the Lord is sovereign in this as in all things. I am excited about getting better acquainted with a few people I know from meeting and conversing with on the internet who live there now but haven't met face to face. I think I've found a place to live that is really close to campus so housing isn't an issue. The next order of business will be to find a job there so if you know of anyone who would like to hire someone attending a law school near Santa Ana, I'm all ears. :) Now that I've learned that I'm accepted, the financial aspect is really the only factor determining whether I'll be in Santa Ana in the fall, Lord willing.

      Thanks again to all of you who read my posts and watch the videos I post on Youtube. I've been edified by only knowing some of you via the internet; I can't imagine the positive impact that will be made on me from knowing several of you face to face now, Lord willing. Take care, all.



      Anonymous said...

      Congratulations Lane! All the glory be to God, who is sovereign always. Thank you for the videos and info you post.

      Doug E. said...


      Can't wait to have you come and join us here at Trinity.


      Anonymous said...

      Why not ask your blog readers to help you with the finances. I would be willing to pledge so much a month...........I can't fit your entire needs, but if many of us would help.... you could stick to your studies and forget the job! If this is something you would be open for........I will give you my e-mail address or if for some reason you do not like this idea....well, then "we" can forget it?? As for me and my wife.....investing in the future of a young man who loves the Lord would be a blessing and a privilege.

      Lane Chaplin said...

      I would be sincerely honored and humbled to accept what you've offered. Money will be an issue (it's actually the only issue left to moving to California and attending Trinity) and anything would be sincerely appreciated. I am humbled to read this and am thankful for constant reminders such as this of God's grace and His faithfulness to provide through His people. God bless you and please share at least your first name so I can thank God for you by name in prayer.

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