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      Does John 3:16 Debunk Calvinism?
      (James White)

      Sunday, June 22, 2008

      This is actually a lecture I posted earlier in the "Common Attacks Against Reformed Theology" lectures. Since I'm able to post videos that are as long as I need them to be now, I asked James White if I could start posting these to Youtube for the audience there. Of course, he was happy for me to. If you've already squeezed all you could from the lecture posted on the previous playlist, I suggest moving on because it's the same audio set to a picture slideshow. If you haven't, though, this gives wonderful evidence as to why John 3:16 does not refute Calvinism. I may post the other lectures in the near future, Lord willing.



      Dani said...


      You might also enjoy this excellent analysis of the subject by John Samson.


      John Calvin said...


      Your timing is impeccable. With our pastor on vacation, one of the deacons spoke on this verse today. He of course used the world means everyone interpretation and used the opportunity to take a potshot at Calvinists.

      Thanks for the rebuttal information.

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