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This site was not developed with the intention of drawing a large number of visitors using trivial methods and shallowness. There is rejoicing among the angels when even one sinner repents and believes in Jesus Christ. (Luke 15:10) If, for as long as this site exists, just one sinner is led to repentance and belief in Christ with the aid of the material presented here, the purpose of this site has been served.


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      Since Some Have Asked...

      Monday, June 30, 2008

      Since I announced that I got into law school and was selling books on eBay to help with the costs, I've been humbled that people have contacted me about wanting to help with the financial aspect of it. I was hesitant to post this at first, but I realized that this may be the easiest way for those who've been wanting to help with that do so. Please don't feel obligated to help financially because that's not the intention of this post, but if you do, be assured that it is much appreciated and will definitely help with the transition and other expenses. If you'd like to help, but would prefer not to use Paypal, just email me. Thanks again to those who've inquired. I continue to be honored and humbled that people would even consider wanting to do this. If you don't believe God would have you give for this but would rather use those funds in a different area of the Kingdom, please still give prayer for my faith as I partake upon this endeavor for we know that our faith in Christ is far more valuable than the gold which perishes. (1Pet 1:6-7)


      Lane's Law School Fund





      The Return of Issues, Etc.

      I just received this email and thought many of you would like to be informed of this if you aren't already:

      Dear Friend of Issues, Etc.,

      We’re excited about the return of Issues, Etc.! Since the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod canceled the show on March 18, we’ve been working on the show’s return. We’re very happy to announce that Issues, Etc. will be back on the Radio and Internet starting Monday, June 30!

      The show will broadcast LIVE from 3-5 p.m. CST weekdays at our website, www.issuesetc.org. Issues, Etc. will also air LIVE from 4-5 p.m. CST on KSIV, 1320 AM in St. Louis. Of course, both hours will be available for on-demand downloads.

      As always, Issues, Etc. is listener supported. Lutheran Public Radio is the producer of Issues, Etc. Please consider making a special startup gift to Lutheran Public Radio. You can make a secure online donation at our website or you can also donate by check to:

      Lutheran Public Radio
      P.O. Box 1046
      San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693

      If you have any questions, email me or call me at (618) 223-8385.

      Thanks for your support!

      Wir sind alle Bettler,

      Todd Wilken, Host
      Issues, Etc.



      Augustus Toplady on Arminianism and "Free"-Will

      Sunday, June 29, 2008

      Augustus Montague Toplady was a preacher who lived from 1740-1778. He wrote numerous hymns including the famous "Rock of Ages" sung here by Chris Rice who I don't know much about so I don't endorse his theology per say:

      A while back, I got Toplady's complete works and have been reading them since. His views on Arminianism and "free"-will may be shocking to some, but keep in mind that this is a preacher from just a little over 200 years ago. He understood the problems and self-contradictions these two doctrines demand and commented on them in sometimes a humorous and sometimes direct manner, but he always was explicit about where he stood in regards to these issues which is something that is lacking among many today. Here are several quotes from his complete works:


      "I much question whether the man that dies an Arminian can go to heaven. But certainly he will not be an Arminian when he is in heaven. The employ of the blessed is to cast their crowns at the feet of God and the Lamb, and to sing, "Not unto us O Lord."

      Should it be thought harsh to question the salvation of one who dies under the blindness of Arminianism; as if a man who only robs God in part might miss of glory; let it be considered that, even on earth, if a person robs me only of my watch, or of a single guinea, he has forfeited his life to the law, as much as if he had robbed me of all I am worth."

      "The old Arminians mentioned in Scripture are blamed for thinking wickedly that God was such an one as themselves; but our new Arminians out-sin their predecessors, and actually represent God as a being in many respects considerably inferior to themselves. They suppose him both to form schemes with less wisdom, and to execute them with less power, spirit, and success, than a prime minister of common sense forms and executes his. They dare ascribe to God such impotence, blunders, imperfections, and disappointments, as they would blush to ascribe to a Ximenes, or a Sully."

      "Arminians consider the grace that is inspired into a true believer's heart, as a text of Scripture written upon a pane of glass, liable to be demolished by the first hand that flings a stone at it."

      "All the disputes between us and the Arminians may be reduced to these two questions:
      1. Is God dependent on man, or is man dependent on God?
      2. Is man a debtor to God, or God a debtor to man?"

      "The Arminians think, that in conversion God does little or nothing for men, but gives them a pull by the elbow, to awake them from their sleep. Rather, he acts as maritime officers do by their sailors; he cuts down the hammock of carnal security in which the elect are; down they fall, and the bruises and surprise they receive awaken them from their death in sin, and bring them to themselves whether they will or no."

      "According to Arminianism, grace has the name, but 'free'-will the game."

      "Arminians suppose God to give us heaven, as the king grants a brief for building a church. The brief runs, "We have granted our most gracious letters patent." But these same most gracious letters are amply paid for before they are granted. No fee, no brief."

      "Arminians will ask, "Where's the use of preaching the doctrines of grace, even supposing them to be true? Since we may go to heaven without a clear knowledge of them." And a man may go to heaven with broken bones; yet it is better to go thither in a whole skin. A man may get to his journey's end, though it rain and thunder all the way; yet it is more comfortable to travel in fair weather. You or I might make a better shift to live upon a scanty allowance of bread and water; yet, surely, an easy fortune, and a decent table are, in themselves, abundantly preferable to poverty and short commons. Who would wish to go upon thorns when his way may be strewed with roses?"

      "I can compare some ranting Arminian preachers, who represent salvation as a matter of chance, and press men to help forward their own conversion, upon pain of damnation, to none so well as to auctioneers; who, with the hammer in their hands, are always bawling out, "Now is your time; now is your time: a-going, a-going, a-going."

      Such a method is equally inconsistent with the analogy of faith, and subversive of the majesty of the gospel. Shall I order a dead soul to awake, and raise itself to life? Let me rather address the living God, and say, "Awake, and put on thy strength, O arm of the Lord! Breathe on these slain that they may live!" "


      "A man's 'free'-will cannot cure him even of the tooth-ache, or of a sore finger; and yet he madly thinks it is in its power to cure his soul."

      "The greatest judgment which God himself can, in the present life, inflict upon a man is to leave him in the hand of his own boasted 'free'-will."

      "Look where you will, and you will generally find that 'free'-willers are very 'free'-livers."

      You can purchase Toplady's complete works in the link below. The letters he wrote to John Wesley which are included here are amazing. If what he asserts in these is true, Wesley was not an honest man in all his dealings.



      "Can I Lose My Salvation?" [Eternal Security]
      (Doug Eaton)

      The issue of whether a Christian can lose their savlation is one of the most debated topics in all of Christendom. Doug Eaton discussed the arguments those opposed to God preserving His saints often make and made a case from Scripture that eternal security is a biblical teaching.

      Doug's Youtube Channel:

      Doug's Blog:

      Another Website Doug Contributes to:

      (Thanks to Ben Davis of Symphony Of Scripture for making the graphics for this presentation.)



      Does 1Timothy 2:4 Refute Calvinism?
      (James White)

      Saturday, June 28, 2008



      "Depart From Me; I Never Knew You..."
      (Doug Eaton)

      Friday, June 27, 2008




      Video of Todd Bentley Physically Assaulting Someone

      Here is video of self-proclaimed "revivalist" Todd Bentley physically assaulting someone with stage four colon cancer all in the name of Jesus Christ. I'm not a psychologist, but I believe this is evidence enough to say that anyone who is still considering that this charlatan is legit needs to get their head checked. This is utter blasphemy.

      Here is Todd Friel critiquing Bentley's physical assault on Way of the Master Radio:

      Video HT: Way of the Master Radio
      Here are two more videos exposing this charlatan who, amazingly, is becoming "Rick Warren-esque" in terms of popularity with certain professing evangelicals:



      "I Grew Up a 'Christian'."
      (Susan Yenser's Story)

      Thursday, June 26, 2008

      This is a testimony of a very close friend of mine, Susan Yenser (denyyourself20 on Youtube). Susan gave this recently at an FCA meeting at the University of Florida. She's one of the few people that I can say with all honesty that I'm a better person for knowing.

      You can read more about Susan here.

      Her blog is:

      Her Youtube channel is:



      YouTube :: Videos by LaneCh

      YouTube :: Videos by LaneCh

      What to do in Case of an Emergency (Mark Kielar)

      Posted: 26 Jun 2008 05:36 PM CDT

      (Yes, I'm able to upload videos longer than 10 min and up to 1GB in size now. You can click here to learn more about why: http://www.lanechaplin.com/2008/06/yes-i-know-im-full-of-them-lately.html ) http://www.firstboynton.com

      Author: LaneCh
      Keywords: todd bentley kgwilso newspringchurch gccwired mark kielar
      Added: June 26, 2008

      This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

      That Which Was From the Beginning...

      Posted: 26 Jun 2008 12:08 PM CDT

      This is a neat little witnessing clip to share with others from CrossTV. http://www.crosstv.com

      Author: LaneCh
      Keywords: kgwilso newspringchurch gccwired todd bentley rick warren joel osteen mark kielar
      Added: June 26, 2008

      This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now


      The Encouragment of the Lord

      Wednesday, June 25, 2008

      The summary of this blog is shared before the first post is met when a person scrolls down:

      (This site was not developed with the intention of drawing a large number of visitors using trivial methods and shallowness. There is rejoicing among the angels of God over even one sinner that repents and believes in Jesus Christ. (Luke 15:10) If, for as long as this site is in existence, only one sinner is lead to repentance and belief with the aid of the material presented here, then the purpose of this site has been served.)
      Recently someone contacted me wanting to share a testimony of a brother they have shared with in a forum. After receiving permission from this brother, I am now going to post the message. I don't want to say anything further because I don't think I could do this the justice it should receive from my feeble words except that I wept before I finished this message:


      I'm a member of a message board that is a secular one, but has a Religion/Philosophy/Christianity forum on it.

      I posted the link to your full video message, The True Gospel (Paul Washer @ VCY America Conference). I wanted you to see a message I just received about it.....


      You don't know me, but I just wanted to thank you for posting that Paul Washer "True Gospel" YouTube video. I'm 23-years-old, grew up in a Christian home, and *thought* I knew quite a bit about the Gospel and Christianity in general. In fact, if you had asked me two weeks ago if I was a Christian I probably would have said yes.

      Then, thanks in part to you for posting that video here on these forums, I came to know the real Gospel, and on June 14th of this year (only ten days ago) I really, truly came to know Christ. Over the last ten days I've experience a change in my life that's practically unexplainable. Certain sins that used to plague my life and that I KNOW I could have never overcome on my own have suddenly vanished. And the sin that still is in my life is now so detestable and abhorrent to me that I have to repent of it 2-3 times a day.

      I've stopped watching television. I've stopped doing and loving the worldly activities that consumed my former life. Now all I seem to want to do is read Scripture, listen to audio sermons on my computer, praise and glorify God through prayer, and live in the footsteps of Christ. In fact, since my conversion I can't even stop thinking about Christ! It's wonderful.

      I have Biblical assurance of my salvation; there's no denying the supernatural change that has occurred in my life. I am saved.

      Anyway, I've shared all of this with my family and friends, and I thought I should tell you about it as well. It really is amazing what one small action of posting a YouTube video on an internet forum can do in the lives of others. (I've even posted it on a few forums myself in recent days!) The Lord truly does work in mysteries and wonderful ways. So, again, thank you. And thank the Lord.

      Keep up the good work, my friend.

      Your brother in Christ,


      I wanted to share this wonderful news to show you how much of a difference the work that you're doing is making. May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!

      In His Service,

      The angels are rejoicing. May the Lord receive the reward of his suffering.



      The Reformata Blog Network

      Tuesday, June 24, 2008

      Recently, I was asked by Sam Guzman, Ingrid of SliceofLaodicea's son, to be part of a blogging network that will bring different Christians from around the world to one site and have their posts published all in one feed. Sam gives a better description of the site than I can:

      Reformata is a blog network– a combination of several blogs with a unique perspective and a common goal. For more about our purpose, visit our Mission page.

      The posts you see on the homepage come from several different blogs, and they are updated automatically at regular intervals. If you would like to subscribe to all of the network blogs at once, you may subscribe to the Reformata RSS feed.

      Network Members
      Christian Research Network
      Slice of Laodicea
      Reformed Voices
      Lane Chaplin
      Always Ready

      Here's the mission statement:

      Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.-Matthew 7:15-17

      In the day in which we live, the true Gospel is constantly under attack, both from inside the church and out. The attacks from the inside come in the form of false teachers who are declaring a false gospel, a false Jesus, and a false Christianity. They deceive many through their twisting of Scripture, undermining of the authority of God’s Word, denial of repentance, and teaching of a god that is tolerant of sin.

      In addition to false teachers, the church is also weakened by pastors who treat the church like a business, building huge assemblies through clever marketing schemes, gimmicks, and sinful practices. This is done in the name of relevance, and is often done with good intentions, but it is harmful nonetheless.

      In Scripture, however, churches are never commended for their size or their outwardly successful programs; rather, they are commended for their faithfulness, love, and defense of the truth. The Reformata blog network is composed of bloggers who recognize this, and who are passionate about counteracting these trends within the church by reclaiming the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. We recognize that the work of reformation is never finished until Christ returns, and therefore the needs for discernment and revival are constant.

      Because the Church must always be reforming, we believe we must ever be analyzing our faith and practice and ajusting it into greater conformity with God’s unchanging Word. This involves defending the truth by addressing and exposing error, false doctrine, and sin within the body, as well as edifying believers through the clear proclamation of biblical Truth. This must always be done circumspectly and humbly, yet boldly and with Scriptural clarity. The cancers of sin and heresy must be condemned for what they are, yet the antidote, God’s grace in the Gospel, must always be presented. It is for these purposes that the Reformata blog network exists. May God be glorified in using weak vessels such as ourselves to proclaim the glorious Gospel of his Son.

      Semper Reformata

      Click here to visit Reformata:



      Faith and Repentance Are Inseparable
      (C.H. Spurgeon)

      The repentance which is here commanded is the result of faith; it is born at the same time with faith—they are twins, and to say which is the elder-born passes my knowledge. It is a great mystery; faith is before repentance in some of its acts, and repentance before faith in another view of it; the fact being that they come into the soul together. Now, a repentance which makes me weep and abhor my past life because of the love of Christ which has pardoned it, is the right repentance. When I can say, "My sin is washed away by Jesu's blood," and then repent because I so sinned as to make it necessary that Christ should die—that dove-eyed repentance which looks at his bleeding wounds, and feels that her heart must bleed because she wounded Christ—that broken heart that breaks because Christ was nailed to the cross for it—that is the repentance which bringeth us salvation.

      Again, the repentance which makes us avoid present sin because of the love of God who died for us, this also is saving repentance. If I avoid sin to-day because I am afraid of being lost if I commit it, I have not the repentance of a child of God; but when I avoid it and seek to lead a holy life because Christ loved me and gave himself up for me, and because I am not my own, but am bought with a price, this is the work of the Spirit of God.

      - C.H. Spurgeon



      Does John 3:16 Debunk Calvinism?
      (James White)

      Sunday, June 22, 2008

      This is actually a lecture I posted earlier in the "Common Attacks Against Reformed Theology" lectures. Since I'm able to post videos that are as long as I need them to be now, I asked James White if I could start posting these to Youtube for the audience there. Of course, he was happy for me to. If you've already squeezed all you could from the lecture posted on the previous playlist, I suggest moving on because it's the same audio set to a picture slideshow. If you haven't, though, this gives wonderful evidence as to why John 3:16 does not refute Calvinism. I may post the other lectures in the near future, Lord willing.



      "Come to Me" (Isaiah 55)
      (Paul Washer)

      Thursday, June 19, 2008



      James White's Youtube Channel (Subscribe!)

      Tuesday, June 17, 2008

      For the three of you out there that might not be aware of this, James White has a Youtube channel that he often posts commentary, rebuttals, etc. on. There's a plethora of great commentary on there about issues that are affecting Christians on a daily basis including issues on confronting homosexuality, Islam, and the King James Only movement. I highly recommend subscribing if you're a user. He doesn't cease to provide wonderful videos consistently. If you're not registered as a user with Youtube, and would like to but don't know how, just let me know. I'll walk you through it. Here's the link:



      Todd Bentley's Lakeland "Revival"
      (Crosstalk VCY America)

      Sunday, June 15, 2008



      Yes, I Know. I'm Full of Them Lately...
      (UPDATE 6/17/08)

      Thursday, June 12, 2008

      Keeping with the recent tradition of announcements ( Yeah, all of two posts :) ), I learned earlier tonight from Youtube that they've granted me the ability to upload videos that are longer than 10 minutes in length because of my partnership with them. What this means is that entire sermons by Paul Washer, Jeff Noblit, Mark Kielar, etc. that were on revver are now going to be able to be viewed in their entirety on the most popular video outlet on the internet. Lord willing, this will expose even that much more people to sound, Biblical teaching. What's even better is that I will leave the embed option on so you can post these on your own site for others to view in their entirety. I am very excited about this new development because it means that not as much time will be needed to post videos on Youtube for all to see, and productivity should increase as a result. I should have two videos up by tonight and more tomorrow, Lord willing.

      Here's an example of what I'm speaking of:

      UPDATE 6/17/08:

      Some people have been asking me about the Youtube partnership and what it entails so I figured I'd explain that a little more in this post. Several months ago, Youtube contacted me about becoming a partner with them. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get the videos out to people who may not see them otherwise. With the Youtube partnership, I'm able to add a channel banner, have the featured video play automatically when you visit the page, and have video banners along with other little perks. To become a partner, you don't have to be asked by them per say. You can apply for the partnership here.



      Two Pretty Big Announcements Regarding Me

      Friday, June 6, 2008

      The title of this post may be a little misleading because the first is particularly regarding me and the second will affect a few people, too. The first is...

      I got accepted to law school!

      Trinity Law School in Santa Ana, CA sent a letter of acceptance last week. I'm not sure if I could be more thankful to God for giving me this opportunity. I've wanted to go into law since I was a child. My parents always said I should because they say that I can argue a point into the ground. (I don't think they meant that favorably all the time, but I've realized in my later years that that's actually a good thing when dealing with such things as post-modernism.) In fact, my senior quote in the yearbook talks about plans for law school after college.

      Not only is Trinity a law school, it is a law school in the Augustinian tradition (natural law perspective). I got a recommended reading list with the acceptance letter and have been reading stuff by Plato and Aristotle on the laws and ethics among others since. It was also great that a lot of the books they recommend are books that I already own so accessing them isn't an issue. Here is a promo video for the school.

      That's the first announcement, and it needed to be made first because the second kind of derives from it. Because of the move across country (SC to CA) and the costs invovled in getting started in an endeavor like this, I've decided to clean out my library once again on eBay to help with the costs. I'm selling primarily books that I know I won't have a hard time finding again in the future. Most of these books, although easily accessible to one who is looking for them, are wonderful in substance (I can't speak on the Gary North book because I haven't read it). Once again, you have a chance to pick up some great books at possibly low prices at this link:

      Again, I'm thankful for being accepted and know the Lord is sovereign in this as in all things. I am excited about getting better acquainted with a few people I know from meeting and conversing with on the internet who live there now but haven't met face to face. I think I've found a place to live that is really close to campus so housing isn't an issue. The next order of business will be to find a job there so if you know of anyone who would like to hire someone attending a law school near Santa Ana, I'm all ears. :) Now that I've learned that I'm accepted, the financial aspect is really the only factor determining whether I'll be in Santa Ana in the fall, Lord willing.

      Thanks again to all of you who read my posts and watch the videos I post on Youtube. I've been edified by only knowing some of you via the internet; I can't imagine the positive impact that will be made on me from knowing several of you face to face now, Lord willing. Take care, all.



      The Axiom of Calvinism

      Thursday, June 5, 2008

      God's grace is necessary, and no one deserves it.

      Many people wonder where to start when sharing the doctrines of grace with someone or learning them themselves. Some think they should start with total depravity; others with predestination. No; get this axiom (starting point), and the rest comes naturally.

      You may say, "Hey, even Rome believes that grace is necessary!" They do say that, but what they teach is very different. They view grace as something deserved, but the definition of grace excludes any type of merit to the recipient. They teach that if someone does well with the grace that is given to them, they'll earn more. Excuse me; how does one earn something that by definition is not given by merit? They don't. If you start with this axiom and understand that grace/mercy is something that no one deserves, and it is necessary to salvation, the doctrines of grace logically follow. Even Arminianism leaves room for boasting because it holds that man in his natural, fallen, unregenerate, biblically dead state does something in their natural, fallen, unregenerate, biblically dead will to "initiate salvation." Watch James White explain this in the following clip:

      If your definition of grace is honest, well, just look at much of professing evangelicalism, Roman Catholicism, Arminianism, and basically any non-Reformed position, and you'll have little trouble understanding what exactly the problem is. For grace is necessary for salvation, but it is not deserved or merited by definition.



      Sexual Autonomy and its Destructive Effects
      (Doug Eaton)

      Tuesday, June 3, 2008

      Here is more great commentary from Doug Eaton.



      Get The Pilgrim's Progress on mp3 for Free!

      You can get Bunyan's famous work "The Pilgrim's Progress" on mp3 FOR FREE during the month of June at Christianaudio.com. Take advantage of this great offer while you can. It doesn't get much cheaper than "free". :)



      The Idol of "Free-Will"
      (John Owen)

      Monday, June 2, 2008

      "Our next task is to take a view of the idol himself, of this great deity of FREE-WILL, whose original being not well known. He is pretended, like the Ephesian image of Diana, to have fallen down from heaven and to have his endowments from above. But yet considering what a nothing he was at this first discovery in comparison of that vast giant-like hugeness to which now he is grown, we may say of him as the painter said of his monstrous picture, which he had mended or rather marred according to every one's fancy, “It is the issue of the people's brain.”

      - John Owen

      Read this doc on Scribd: The Idol of Free-Will (John Owen)



      Todd Bentley's Violent "Ministry"
      (Way of the Master Radio)

      Sunday, June 1, 2008

      Here is Todd Bentley and his shenanigans critiqued by Todd Friel of Way of the Master Radio with some additional footage. I find the fact that there are people mesmerized with this man is truly disturbing.

      As always, if you would like the embed code for this video player to post on your site, just let me know.



      Christianity in Conflict
      (J. Gresham Machen)

      "The question is not merely whether we can rest in our faith, but whether we can rest in the doubt that is the necessary alternative of faith. We pass sometimes through periods of very low spiritual vitality. The wonderful gospel which formerly seemed to be so glorious comes to seem almost like an idle tale. Hosts of objections arise in our minds; the whole unseen world recedes in the dim distance, and we think for the moment that we have relinquished the Christian hope. But then let us just face this situation; let us just imagine that we had really given up all these things that formerly seemed to us so dear. Ah, when we do that, life seems to us to be a hopeless blank. It is all very well to toy with the thought of a Christless world, but when we once imagine ourselves living in it we see that really, in our heart of hearts and mind of minds, we have not given up our Saviour after all."

      - J. Gresham Machen

      Read this doc on Scribd: Conflict (J. Gresham Machen)


      Good Advice Vs. Good News
      (White Horse Inn)

      Here the White Horse Inn crew explains the difference between good news and good advice.



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