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      One of the Best Closing Statements Ever
      (James White)

      Saturday, May 10, 2008

      Earlier this week, my friend, Susan, and I listened to James White's debate with George Bryson from a few years ago. This clip is James' closing statement from that debate. I highly recommend listening to the entire debate. It is very encouraging to those who now hold to Reformed theology and it provides a great contrast between the two views. After listening to this portion of it, I wanted to share it with others so I asked James last night if he would mind clipping that section of it for Youtube to share with others. Of course, he didn't have a problem with that as he is always happy and eager to get the message of the Gospel out being the humble doulos (slave) of God that he is. This is one of the best closing statements I've ever heard in any debate. The claims that Calvinism causes people to lose zeal for the proclamation of the Gospel is refuted by the content of this video alone not to mention the abundance of other Calvinistic teachers and preachers who become more concerned with the proclamation as a result of their adherence to Reformed doctrine. The link to get this debate by mp3 for less than five dollars is under the video.


      Joel Tay said...


      Can I post this too since it's on youtube?

      Lane Chaplin said...

      Of course. :)

      Douglas K. Adu-Boahen said...

      Lane, if you lived here in London, I'd give you a huge hug for this! This has to be one of the best short polemics against the false Gospel of our day. The whole debate itself was also quite cheap - less than £3. I'm going to put it on my MP3 player and start listening to it on my bus to school.

      Grace and peace, brother!

      Robert said...

      Bravo! This was great!

      I mailed it out to a few Arminian friends of mine; I pray that they play it all of the way through.

      Thank you very much for this, and all of the other great vids you post...


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