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      My Thoughts on Post-Modernism

      Friday, May 30, 2008

      The philosophy of post-modernism is one of complete ignorance that one would have to be extremely dense, diluted, and deceived to give credence to. The essence of the philosophy of post-modernism can be broken down to this one statement:

      "There is no such thing as absolute truth, and we can't be absolutely sure about anything."

      The problem with the argument lies here: In order for this statement to have merit, the statement above would have to be absolutely true, and the person that is making it would have to be absolutely sure that the statement is true. Do you see the problem with it? It's a self-refuting argument. In other words, the premise of the argument defeats what it sets to establish. The statement itself is a lie. Don't take that lightly. A person who is a proponent of a statement that is a lie is a liar by definition regardless of who the person is. Truth is not a respecter of persons. If Rob Bell is promoting this philosophy, he is a liar. If James White is promoting it, he is a liar. If Paul the Apostle promoted it, he is a liar. If I am promoting it, I am a liar. There is no way to get around this fact.

      With that said, think of all these carnal, unbelieving professing believers that have infiltrated Christianity with this lie. Unless you have such an affinity for man's praise that you could not possibly bring yourself to discern an argument to see if it were true because it would ruin your reputation among liars, you can now realize every time some liar comes up to you and says, "Ah, but we can't know if anything is absolutely true..." You could ask, "...so is what you're saying absolutely true?" and watch the whining commence.

      Waalah... for all the wasted effort involved in trying to converse with post-modernism in hopes to build some common ground with it (ie. try to get a philosophy that's basically a lie to be truth somehow) it has been debunked and shown to be utterly useless with nothing more needing to be done to it than throw it away like you would any other kind of garbage here in three short paragraphs. Think about all the headache this will save you now. I know how much it's saved me when someone explained this to me a while ago and how grateful I've been as a result. You can simply call the people who promote this falsehood "liars" because you'd be telling the truth in doing so. It's so much easier to just do what Jesus would do... since we're all concerned about "W.W.J.D?" and all... right... I mean aren't we...?


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