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      Three Views on the Millennial Reign of Christ [UPDATE 4/24/08]
      (Video of the Basics - Doug Eaton)

      Wednesday, April 23, 2008

      Talk about providence... A friend of mine and I started talking about wanting to learn more about eschatology about a week ago. Her Pastor and friend are both hold the dispensational view. I'm not sure where I stand on the issue because I haven't studied eschatology enough to feel comfortable to give a definitive answer as to this so we both decided to study more into it. I listened to one of Kim Riddlebarger's mp3s about amillennialism earlier this week so I'm trying to understand the basics of what each teach then go from there. I have several friends who are amil and several who are premil. Lo and behold, Doug Eaton, who I've posted material from several times before, posted a quick video earlier today to give the basic definitions of what three different views teach: amillennial, postmillennial, and premillennial. Here is that video for anyone who may be an eschatological rookie such as myself.

      PS. Don't worry - I know to stay away from full Preterism. :)

      UPDATE (4/24/08):

      Here is a post written by Doug Eaton looking at the subject of eschatology more closely.



      Philip@ReformedVoices said...

      Hi Lane,

      I have been interested in eschatology long before the Lord ever showed me reformed theology from my years of listening to Calvary Chapel radio, who are not afraid to talk about eschatology as other denominations are.

      I have been listening to Pastor McClarty's eschatology series over the past couple of months. I am on hour 81 of 112.

      Jim goes against the common reformed amil grain and holds to a premil and even a pretrib 'rapture'. As you know, Jim doesn't just blindly follow systems without sufficient scriptural support and so I have been blessed by listening through the series and his careful exegesis.

      Lane Chaplin said...

      Thanks for the info, Philip. I'll check it out, Lord willing.

      Doug E. said...

      Hey Lane,

      Thanks for posting the video. If you are interested I have actually written a lengthy post of the topic of revelations 20 on the Christian Theology Blog. You can find it here.... http://christiantheology.wordpress.com/2007/09/03/the-millennium-a-study-of-revelation-20/

      Lane Chaplin said...

      Thanks, Doug. I'll include the link in the post.

      Joel Tay said...

      I'm historical pre-mill... but would like to listen broadly to the different views especially amill.

      The Tool said...

      Did you ever settle anywhere? I am currently digging through this myself. I am listening to Riddlebarger's & McClarty's mp3's to try and understand both positions.

      Kind Regards,

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