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      Meek Does Not Mean Weak
      (Mark Kielar)

      Wednesday, April 16, 2008

      I'm not sure if you've been listening to Mark Kielar's sermons on the Beatitudes, but they are amazing. I heard one today on how being a peace-keeper is radically different than being a peace-maker as God wants believers to be. It is such a wonderful encouragement for anyone who has ever suffered for speaking out against sin and for repentance and faith. When that one's published, I'll post it, too, Lord willing.

      I posted this one on Youtube a few weeks ago using 6 videos (something I don't normally do; have never done, actually) because it was that wonderful. Here is the video in it's entirety. Kielar deals with the subject of how being meek does not mean being weak. It's very educational and will inspire you if you pay attention to it. It isn't simply a temporary "lift me up" which is why I find it so edifying. Here it is for your convenience. (Give the audio a minute after the sermon starts. They apparently had a few technical difficulties at first.)



      Joel Tay said...

      Thanks for this excellent sermon. It spoke to me a lot.

      Probably the best sermon I've heard on meekness. Was thinking of just listen briefly but was hooked. Finished listening at 4am in the morning.

      Will check out the other sermons in the beatitudes.

      Mic said...

      Re: Meek Does Not Mean Weak
      In first video, Kielar uses several analogies, including the "foxhole" which may reveal a blindspot among American Christians, one which did not plague Charles Spurgeon:

      "As I understand the Word of God, I always rejoice to find a soldier a Christian, but I always mourn to find a Christian a soldier, for it seems to me that when I take up Christ Jesus, I hear one of His Laws, “I say unto you, resist not evil. Put up your sword into its sheath; he that takes the sword shall perish by the sword.” The followers of Christ in these days seem to me to have forgotten a great part of Christianity."

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