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      Financial Scandal Brewing in the LCMS?
      (Issues Etc. Cancellation Related Post)

      Tuesday, April 1, 2008

      Chris Rosebrough writes:

      HOLY COW!

      Yesterday President Kieschnick wrote a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal and justified the cancelation of Issues Etc. by claiming that the show lost $250,000 per year.

      But the Save the LCMS website has just uncovered documents that are potentially explosive.

      It turns out, that what Kieashnick wasn't telling anyone was that his administration had been borrowing MILLIONS of dollars from other ministry budgets to pay for their own operating expenses and to offset the MILLIONS they were losing on the Fan Into Flame initiative.

      What is going on in St. Louis??

      It is time for an accounting here.

      Ya'll need to read these two stories:

      Kieschnick Paid for Ablaze by Borrowing MILLIONS from Other Ministry Budgets Finances Etc.

      HT: ExtremeTheology

      END OF POST.

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