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      Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Opens Tomorrow
      (April 18th, 2008) [Update 4/18/08]

      Thursday, April 17, 2008

      Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is opening tomorrow, April 18th, 2008. I am very excited about this movie. I used to go to the movies a lot in times past, but don't as much anymore. This is mainly because the more God sanctifies me, the less entertainment I desire. Ravenhill used to say that "Entertainment is the devil's substitute for joy." I believe he is right in many respects. This movie, however, is something that I believe is going to benefit people who see it. It will not be mindless entertainment. The clips I've seen of it are very intriguing, and I've heard Ray Comfort say that the "showdown" with Dawkins at the end is worth the price of admission alone in so many words. I wasn't really interested in the movie until I saw the "Super Trailer". After that, Expelled added one more person to their viewership, Lord willing. Here it is now for those of you who haven't seen it.

      Here is the new trailer for the movie:

      And here is an interview R.C. Sproul had with Ben Stein that I posted a while back.

      UPDATE 4/18/08:

      Here's an interesting article about pro-evolutionists trying to stop free-speech by taking Expelled to court. The show's Executive Producer, Walt Ruloff said,
      "It is interesting that these efforts are made less than 10 days before the movie debuts and involve those who continually seek to thwart open debate. While bullying tactics may work against some individuals who are trying to explore the origins of life, it will not work against us. We certainly will not allow a small group of self-appointed gatekeepers to infringe our rights of free speech and our obligation to expose them for what they are -- namely, intellectual thugs unwilling to accept any dissent from Darwinian orthodoxy."



      philip@reformedvoices said...

      I'm looking forward to seeing this as I really enjoyed the Sproul interview.

      Darron S said...

      If you are truly a god-fearing person, does it bother you in the least that the movie is ripe with factual lies? I'm not talking about subjective truths, but objectively verifiable facts. Please be a little bit skeptical and look at the "facts" presented by this propaganda. And remember:

      "Truthful lips will be established forever, But a lying tongue is only for a moment." Prov 12:19

      Lane Chaplin said...


      Perhaps if you actually presented the "facts" you are referring to, then your comment itself would be more than just propaganda. If what you've written on your website is true and you haven't see Expelled in the last two days:

      "Just a quick note about the upcoming movie Expelled, and the site which is debunking it's claims ExpelledExposed.com. Personally, I wouldn't pay money to go support Expelled, but might go pay for another movie and then walk into the Expelled theatre instead. =)"

      I think it's pretty obvious that you're credibility is questionable to say the least. Not only in the fact that you didn't present any facts to back up your claims, but you self-admittedly profess that you will steal in order to see Expelled but won't pay to see it. I think the evidence speaks for itself regarding your assertions.

      Joel Tay said...


      Dr Jerry Bergman has a list of thousands of scientists who lost their jobs purely because they believe in creation. The movie just covers the tip of the iceberg.

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