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      The Right Way to Respond to Rob Bell and Members of His Fan Club

      Sunday, March 2, 2008

      Here are two videos. The first is a response to the Bullwhip Guy satire that I posted a few months ago. (If you haven't seen it and are familiar with Rob Bell's Bullhorn Guy video, do yourself a favor and look at it. The point is well made.) In it, the person gives several responses as to why he believes Rob Bell to be a legitimate believer in Jesus Christ and why we "shouldn't judge this brother."

      The person who helped make the Bullwhip Guy video saw this first response and decided to address the specific points brought up, but he did something else that is really lacking among professing believers: he appealed to Scripture...

      By appealing to Scripture without an uncompromising view of it is the right way to deal with these emergent and "seeker" sensitive folks who would rather us appeal to ourselves and/or themselves as the final authority. I believe these two videos contrast both of these views.

      END OF POST.


      Anonymous said...

      Well done!

      Both the Bull-Whip Guy vid, and this response to a response Video are great.

      Rob Bell teaches "Another Gospel", we all need to explain and warn saints of these errors.

      As a side note, Rob Bell's followers are acolytes, groupy-like, like the guy in the response video, sorely lacking Biblical understanding. Just blindly following Bell, right off the Cliff.

      terriergal said...

      Wow. he makes some excellent points! thank you for posting!

      Philip@ReformedVoices said...

      Wow, the first guy is a Bell clone, from the overall look, to the Bell doctrine, to the Bell voice characteristics.

      What a graceful and well informed response by the guy in the 2nd video, no need to get upset or make personal attacks, just let the truth of Scripture throw the punches for you.

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