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      Deficient Grace:
      The Arminian's Rendition of Amazing Grace

      Monday, February 11, 2008

      (I saw this earlier tonight. It reminds me of the Arminian Prayer by Spurgeon.
      I believe the point is made pretty clear.)

      “Deficient Grace”

      Verse 1:Total Depravity Terminated

      On neutral ground, I’ll make my choice
      Detached from death in sin
      Able to see iniquity
      And will myself to him

      Verse 2:Unconditional Election Conditioned

      Twas grace that made me savable
      But did not make it sure
      It took my will to make it real
      And it may not endure

      Verse 3:Limited Atonement Limited

      The blood he shed, he shed for all
      A mere symbol of his love
      Held no real pow’r in of itself
      Just vain hope from above

      Verse 4:Irresistible Grace Resisted

      This god is but a gentleman
      Not wanting to intrude
      We have rejected o’er and o’er
      While he, for us, has wooed

      Verse 5: Perseverance of the Saints Perished

      I willed myself to be redeemed
      On one of my smart days
      So if I sin badly enough
      I’ll probably fall away


      Alternate Verse 5:

      Though he’s big enough to justify
      And hold me in his hand
      I’m strong enough to leave his grip
      And thwart his pseudo-plan

      HT: Reformers, Puritans, and a Geek

      END OF POST.


      Joel Tay said...

      The problem with this blog entry is that the Arminian will read that and think that it is a perfect well-written song.

      Lane Chaplin said...

      I agree, Joel, and that's sad. For us who hold to the doctrines of grace, though, we can definitely see the line drawn where there is a clear separation in our theologies, though.

      Philip@ReformedVoices said...

      A while back I saw a similar rendition:

      Arminian grace! How strange the sound
      Salvation hinged on ME
      I once was lost then turned around
      Was blind then chose to see

      What “grace” is it that calls for choice
      Out of some good within?
      The part that willed to heed God’s voice
      Proved stronger than my sin

      Through many ardent gospel pleas
      I sat with heart of stone
      But then some hidden good in me
      Propelled me toward my home

      When we’ve been there ten thousand years
      Because of what we’ve done
      We’ve no less days to sing our praise
      Than when we first begun

      - Dennis Walter Cochran

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