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      Theology Talk: Jim McClarty and Jeff Young of the GCA
      on "Is Calvinism Dangerous?"

      Wednesday, January 9, 2008

      Philip at Reformed Voices recently posted this 5 part series on refuting the straw men people usually make against Calvinists and is gracious enough to send the code here for me to link to it. I confess that I just started listening to this today, but as of 30 minutes into it, I believe it will be well worth the time needed to listen to all of it so I wanted to share it with you all here. Some people are trying to falsely state that Calvinism is "something new and dangerous", but the brief part I've heard of these messages gives a good introduction to the history of Calvinism and debunks those claims and shows that it is actually at the heart of what the Baptist and Presbyterian traditions are founded on.

      UPDATE: I've listened to almost three of the episodes now and it is wonderful. I highly recommend it.

      Philip wrote:

      In this audio series, Jim McClarty and Jeff Young of Grace Christian Assembly begin a very thorough and precise biblical defense of Calvinism as they respond to an anti-Calvinist message that had been preached in a nearby baptist church.
      There are a total of (5) 1 hour long segments in this series of talks responding to the other pastor's message. If you have questions about reformed theology (Calvinism) or are stumped by passages that would seem to point against it, I would highly recommend you check out all 5 hours of these talks as Jim and Jeff clear up the common misconceptions about Calvinism while giving a careful apologetic for it.

      mp3 download

      part 1

      part 2

      part 3

      part 4

      part 5

      YouTube Player settings: The audio is sliced in 10 minute segments and is set to play in order right after another, no need to search for the next segment or click on anything after first pressing play. Enjoy!

      HT: Reformed Voices

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