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      Is "Pop-American-Christianity" Robbing People of Discernment?

      Monday, December 3, 2007

      Recently, I had the privilege of being contacted by a man named Cameron Buetell who is an Australian preacher in Denmark. I had been on the great website Symphony of Scripture and saw a video of Cameron critiquing a video of Rob Bell called Dust through which Cameron saw too and contacted me through there. We talked on Skype for about two hours this evening, and he had some wonderful things to say. He also had some disheartening ones concerning the state of Spiritual affairs overseas. Please keep our brothers and sisters overseas in your prayers, as well. You can watch the video where he critiques Bell below, but he brings up an interesting point as you can see in his comment made on that site. He commented in the comment section after several people had watched the video:

      "Thanks for posting the video. This little presentation was preached at my home church in Australia but now seems to be “traveling” a lot. The thing that staggers me is that emergents like Rob Bell preach a humanistic gospel that is OBVIOUSLY contrary to the biblical gospel yet their message easily gains acceptance among many professing Christians. My question to many of my American brothers and sisters is this: Has the “seeker sensitive” church model reduced biblical discernment to the point where something even more unbiblical can arrive on the scene undetected?"

      Has it? Keep in mind that Cameron is looking from the outside of modern-pop-American "Christianity". As we've seen already, the self-appointed "soul-winners" of our day declare in so many words, "Peace at all costs and truth if necessary." Of course. What better way to become popular than by telling the wide road that leads to destruction that they can basically believe whatever they want contrary to the Bible and still be "Christians" and "prove that success" by talking about the number of people that believe that nonsense? The wide road certainly has more numbers on it than the straight and narrow, and if your God is actually all about the numbers rather than not contradicting himself, it makes perfect sense. It is actually what God would have us to do if he were this way and appointed pragmatists instead of apostles, teachers, preachers, and so forth, but it is clearly not God's will. I've heard several true pastors say that one of the most terrifying passages they have ever read in all the Bible is that "not every one that says unto Jesus Christ, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of Christ's Father who is in heaven." (Mat 7:21) Is the will of the Father to be pragmatic and throw aside his Word in exchange for our worldly interests? No, it is not. It hurts my heart to realize that the "numbers" these pragmatists are always showing as "evidence of fruit" are caught up in this and are, by large, ignorant of it. It is one thing for someone to deliberately hold truth back from people because they have another selfish agenda, and it is quite another for those who have the truth held back from them be deceived into thinking that they receive it. It is truly a sad state of affairs of what "evangelicalism" has become. I am starting to understand more and more why Sproul, James White, and, as I learned today, Ingrid Schlueter of Slice of Laodicea don't consider themselves evangelicals...

      Here is the video where Cameron critiques the humanism prevalent in today's modern "church". His points are well taken. (He doesn't have a website running yet, but he assures me it will be up soon. I will post the link to it here when it is up, Lord willing.)

      Here's another great clip from CrossTV that sheds more light on the matter:
      Evangelicalism is Fighting For its Life.

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