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      Britney Spears' Mom's Book on Parenting is on Hold
      (This is Not Satire.)

      Thursday, December 20, 2007

      This post is not satire. Ingrid from Slice provides some commentary below:

      Thomas Nelson has its PR department working in overdrive today. Just when the publisher had bagged a “memoir” from Britney Spears’ mom on the topic of (this is not a joke) parenting, her 16-year-old daughter turned up pregnant as this AP story reports. The fact that Spears’ older daughter, Britney, is a spectacularly public train-wreck of a mother who has lost custody of her own children didn’t stop Thomas Nelson from feeling that Lynn had something to tell us about parenthood. In fact, Nelson stood to make millions by cashing in on evangelicalism’s carnal, inquiring minds. Unfortunately for their bottom line, even Thomas Nelson doesn’t have the ability to spin Jamie Lynn Spears’ teenage pregnancy into something positive. I’m still wondering how they were planning to market Lynn’s book.

      **Find out how pimping your daughter to Hollywood’s entertainment moguls at a tender age can destroy her whole life. **

      What does Thomas Nelson not get? Britney and her young sister are in the tabloids because their sad lives scream of their need for Jesus. They had no father to protect them, no teachings from their mother about God’s plan for them as girls and young women, just endless exploitation from those who should have shielded them. The only thing these girls had was a mother who prostituted her daughters’ youth and beauty for money and fame. Britney’s ongoing quest to find meaning in drugs, alcohol and sex, and her sister’s pregnancy is a reflection of the emptiness inside them, the legacy of a father and mother who utterly failed to love their daughters enough to protect them.

      This latest misadventure should demonstrate that despite their sale of every Bible version under the sun, Thomas Nelson executives are not driven by anything remotely related to the Gospel and the promotion of Christian parenting. They are secularists motivated by money. That’s all.

      HT: Slice of Laodicea

      1 comment:

      JeremiahBailey said...

      One of the funniest and saddest parts of this whole thing is a letter the mother sent to a gossip rag that claimed her daughter was pregnant, claiming such a thing was impossible because her daughter was a Christian of high moral fiber. She met the boy at church, does that count?

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