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      The Theory of Relavtism and Subjectivity

      Sunday, November 25, 2007

      Many Christians live like atheists.

      What do I mean by that? An atheist has his sole purpose of being and "personal truth" stem from himself and his fallen mind. He decides what is right or wrong, and even though he borrows from the Christian world view to decide upon that, he still deems himself and his being to be the final authority on "truth". The end of all the atheist's being is this: relativism and subjectivity. Even though they have been characteristically more rude about it than the emergents, the majority of them excluding the few atheists who are now displaying their foolishness more prevalently for the world to see (Dawkins, Harris, etc.) have the principle argument, "If it's true for you, that's fine if you want to be deluded, but I deem so and so to be true for me. If it is relative to today, if it sounds good to me, and if it works, then that determines what is true." The extent of this thinking can be found in the theory of evolution itself. The evolutionist is really a creationist at heart. Though he, himself and his fallen intellect is the source of all that "creation", all he has done is created an idol called "evolution" that he deems all people should subjectively accept. He has even created the "missing link" because, as G.K. Chesterton said, evolutionists seem to be the only ones who don't realize that the missing link is still missing and for good reason. He wants to discover so bad that some kind of "revelation" outside of Scripture is true that he will twist things to be conformable to his opinion rather than what the Bible reveals is true. Hence, his subjectivity is the end of all things according to him. You'll notice this very often in their arguments: "Well, I don't see enough evidence for creation... Well, I don't see how some person that I wish to compare to the Flying Spaghetti Monster exists... Well, I don't think this is compatible with so and so..." as though him and his fallen "intellect" is the end and means of all truth. Do you see the pattern? The atheist is entirely subjective and quite arrogant to deem that truth needs to be conformed to him rather than he be conformed to the truth.

      There are Christians that live the same way, but use different terms. Inevitably, though, it's the same result. They live as though God created them in His image and everyone who believes, but unbelievers were somehow were left out of that creation process so "what's true for them is true for them; let's not cause a stir." That is not what the Scriptures teach. Let me say that again: That relativistic mentality is not of God. If someone believes Scripture, they must believe that ALL man was created in the image of God. Those who deny that are in bondage to sin; end of argument. Although the Bible teaches many things, "political correctness" is not one of them, and there is a sound reason why.

      R.C. Sproul gave the story once of a short time after his conversion when he was in a class and his teacher was a religious bigot. She chided him in front of the class by saying after much patronizing, "Is Jesus Christ the only way to heaven, yes or no?" Of course, R.C. said, "Yes." That sent her into an uproar for a little over ten minutes, if I remember correctly, until the class was over. After the class, R.C. approached her and explained that to believe that Jesus is the only way to God is actually believing in Jesus because that is what He taught. In order to believe in Jesus, he had to believe in what Jesus taught. He explained that just because he believed it was true didn't make it true, however. He explained that it was true, period. He said that even though she didn't believe on Christ by the end of their conversation, she understood what he was saying because he presented truth objectively to her. When she realized that he wasn't being as arrogant to say that because he believed in it, it was true, she was open to the "possibility" of objective truth. One thing is certain, though: Although she didn't believe by the end of the conversation, R.C. still walked away believing which is more than what can be said when those who advocate "peace at all cost; truth if possible" are asked to give a reason for the hope that lies within them.

      The more the Holy Ghost teaches me, the more I understand how much relativism and subjectivity is an enemy of His; not a "witnessing tool". God's truth is revealed and we, in our fallen states, think that we must believe it in order for it to be true as though our "stamp of approval" is needed for God to be glorified. That is not the case, though, because then God's truth would not be true. If it were so, why would God have to reveal it to us? Why would he have to show us something if it has not already occurred and is objectively true? Is it not because we have fallen states that deny the truth? Is it not because we suppress the truth in unrighteousness?

      Does someone believing in Jesus Christ raise him from the dead? Has he not already risen about 2,000 years ago? Of course he has, but many of us live as if we do God a favor by believing in Him; that somehow we help Jesus out of the grave if we put our seal of approval on the situation. Just read many of the "Christian" books that now permeate the land versus the letters of the Apostles. The difference you will see is that the Apostles understood God did them a favor, and the modern authors believe they are doing God a favor. Sure, many of us won't come out and say it, but there are many things that someone who suppresses the truth in unrighteousness will not do either, and this is just one example. Christ's resurrection along with God creating ALL men in His image are objective truths. A humanists "blessing" is not needed for it to be true, and frankly, if everyone waited for subjective people to believe the truth, there would be no believers. The first century Christians were not martyred because they held to subjective relativism. They were martyred because they held to objective truth.

      Subjectivity and relativism is at the heart of the emergent "church", the seeker-sensitive "church", atheism, and many other ungodly forms of unbelief that many of us have had the despair of witnessing over time. It does not glorify God to have two sources of truth, Him and ourselves. Instead, it does the opposite because whoever is not with Jesus Christ is actually against Him and he who does not gather, scatters. (Matt. 12:30) Is someone who deems themself to be doing God a favor in believing in Him actually gathering people to the truth or scattering them away from it? The Scriptures teach the latter.

      In conclusion I want to stress this: Relativism and subjectivity are death to Christianity. This is true statement and worth of all praise: If you are taking up your cross and following Christ, you are not following subjective opinion, you are following objective truth. Every true believer attests to this witness being true.

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