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      So I Went to R.C.'s Church Today...

      Sunday, November 11, 2007

      So I went to R.C. Sproul's church today in Sanford, Florida with my friend Susan. (By the way, keep him in your prayers. He had knee surgery and is recovering from it still.) Attending Saint Andrews Church was a wonderful experience. Sproul preached on Matthew 2. It further reinforced the truth that expository preaching is vitally important. There is simply no substitute for it. It is a necessity.

      The main reason I'm posting this is because I've been to a wide range of churches now: mega/seeker-sensitive to Saint Andrews, and without a doubt, I don't even think I've been to church if there isn't expository preaching. Nothing happens without it. I know the pragmatism of the land calls for large numbers of altar calls and hand raisings, but the Word of God is the only way a person can actually grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the only way that "works", really.

      Recently, Sproul and Al Mohler were asked the question of what they thought of the "Seeker-Sensitive Movement". Their answers may surprise some:

      In July, Sproul was honored at the ECPA/CBA convention with the lifetime achievment award. Here is the video that was played during this presentation:

      (I also heard on the internet not too long ago a "critique" of Saint Andrews Church by a man that gave a rather crude caricature of it. It was a caricature, indeed. What he presented was nothing like what I witnessed this morning. Even though I am late on this, let me add to the affirmation of those, including James White on the DL a few years ago, who have already dispelled the rumor.)

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