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      Monday, November 26, 2007

      Several months ago, I heard of a new documentary that I'm sure many of you are aware of called Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism. Through buying that DVD, I had the privilege of meeting Eric Holmberg, the President of the Apologetics Group, the founder of Reel to Real Ministries, and the host of Amazing Grace along with the majority of the documentaries they have put out. Since then, we have kept up by email. He is a very cordial and God fearing man as I'm sure you can tell by watching the videos his company produces. He is not aware that I'm writing this post, but with the holiday season coming, I wanted to post this because I'm sure several of you will benefit with the links and information I am providing here concerning several of TAG's videos. Several of you may have seen these clips on Youtube and wondered what documentary they came from. You can now know for sure.

      He's offering the best prices for these videos that I've seen around the internet. May they be a blessing to you, as well.

      (Click on the picture to see how you can buy each video.)

      The first is the documentary Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism. Here are several clips from it:

      The next video is one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. It is called Hell's Bells 2. TAG takes practically every aspect of the secular music world and examines it in light of the Scriptures. This is one of those that are a must see. TAG has the lowest price I have seen on this video, as well.

      The Marks of a Cult is a 2 hour documentary that not only explains the differences between the cults that exist today as compared to Christianity, but it also better equips the person watching it with how to spot a cult by watching for the signs of one. Again, this is one of the best prices I've seen for it on the net.

      Another video they have produced is called Sounds of War. It is also looks at the secular music scene, but uses the Ten Commandments to critique several aspects of it.

      Shadows of the Supernatural explains why it seems that people have such an infatuation with ghosts, demons, etc. from a Biblical perspective.

      Finally, God's Law and Society proves that there is no such thing as neutrality. You're either with Christ or against Him. It is a 10 part series with each part being around 20 minutes in length where an array of people including R.C. Sproul Jr. and George Grant take a topic and expound on it from a Biblical perspective.

      Again, they have produced many fine videos over the years, and even though I haven't seen all of them, I have seen and own many of the titles they've released. My younger brother walked in on me watching Hell's Bells 2 one day and sat there for 30 minutes after he walked in. He said it was something he could watch because it kept his interest. If you know my brother, you know this video is well worth it to draw a response like that from him. These are wonderful videos and would make great presents for the ones you love.

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